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ce pro podcast episode 4 hagai feiner alex camara

CE Pro Podcast #4: Home Networks Go Mission-Critical | Building an Award-Winning Tech Support Team

Access Networks’ Hagai Feiner gets integrators up to speed on networking and cybersecurity needs, and AudioControl’s Alex Camara discusses how to cultivate top-notch support services.

Arlen Schweiger · May 01, 2020

SureCall CEO Hongtao Zhan 5G

SureCall CEO Talks Cell Service Impact, 5G Booster Status

It’s not just Internet service being strained amid the coronavirus crisis; integrators can help clients with cell signal boosting needs.

Arlen Schweiger · May 01, 2020

Luxul ProWatch RMM

Luxul ProWatch Assists with Remote Management & RMR

The free cloud management service for connected devices enables easy access for troubleshooting, firmware updates, online/offline status, potential recurring revenue and more.

Arlen Schweiger · April 30, 2020

L-Com Category 5e angled Ethernet cables

Category 5e angled Ethernet cables

ShowMeCables, a supplier of connectivity products is now offering L-Com’s Category 5e angled Ethernet cables, which are designed for installations in tight spaces. The Irvine, Calif.-based connectivity supplier says the new L-Com Category 5e angled Ethernet cables are available in a choice of angles to enable integrators to safely navigate tight angles regardless of whether […]

Robert Archer · April 28, 2020

EnGenius Cloud wall-plate access point, ECW115

ECW115 Cloud Wall-Plate Access Point

EnGenius Technologies Inc., a large manufacturing of networking products, has introduced its new ECW115 Cloud Wall-Plate Access Point. The company says that its latest wireless networking solution extends the range of wireless networks in locations such as student housing, hotels, resorts, assisted living centers, condos and apartment complexes. According to EnGenius, the ECW115 offers integrators […]

Robert Archer · April 27, 2020

CE Pro Podcast #3: Coronavirus Survival Tips from Integrator of the Year

FulTech Solutions’ Dan Fulmer shares insights on implementing team member precautions, doing commercial jobs, weighing residential tech demand and more amid COVID-19 outbreak.

Arlen Schweiger · April 24, 2020

Wilson Electronics Inks Installation Deal with Dish

Wilson Electronics’ weBoost $1,199 ‘Installed Home Complete’ cellphone signal booster package will be installed by OnTech by Dish.

Jason Knott · April 22, 2020

HP Pavilion x360 14

Pavilion x360 14 Convertible PC

The latest Pavilion x360 computer from HP is the new Pavilion x360 14 convertible PC. HP‘s new Pavilion x360 14 PC can be used for work and entertainment through its larger SSD storage capabilities (up to 1TB), new design and options that include 4G LTE. Some of the features that HP offers with its new […]

Robert Archer · April 20, 2020

Luxul home network WiFi measurement

5 Tips to Strengthen Today’s Critical Home Network

Amid the coronavirus outbreak’s work- and school-from-home orders, Wi-Fi measurement, placement and bandwidth efficiency need prioritizing by integrators.

CE Pro Editors · April 17, 2020

WhyReboot Wi-Fi 6 Certified

Ruckus Wi-Fi 6 Certified Products

WhyReboot has introduced its Ruckus Wi-Fi Certified 6 Access Point Program that includes the latest 802.11ax Ruckus products. The Florida-based networking company says the Wi-Fi Certified 6 Access Point Program features solutions such as the Cumulus and Cirrus networking packages. According to WhyReboot, some of the certified products include the Ruckus R750 and R650 indoor […]

Robert Archer · April 17, 2020