SnapAV CEO John Heyman Discusses Coronavirus Impact, Remains Optimistic

As part of the Snap Pro Live virtual event, Heyman emphasized the importance of integrators while also doubling down on SnapAV’s support as a collaborative partner.

SnapAV CEO John Heyman Discusses Coronavirus Impact, Remains Optimistic

Kicking off SnapAV’s three-day Snap Pro Live virtual event on Tuesday, SnapAV CEO John Heyman relayed a message of resilience. “Upon examining the industry’s past, present and future,” he said, “our work has never been more mission-critical.”

“For decades, our industry has provided solutions to homeowners and business owners around the world that connect them, bring joy, and create a safer environment,” he told dealers during the Snap Pro Live keynote presentation.

“During this time, the vast majority of experience with our products took place during evenings or on the weekends. COVID-19 quickly changed that. In an instant, customers started using all of our products, all the time. A homebound population wanted more security, more entertainment,” he said. “What started as a potential threat to our industry led to unprecedented demand.”

Heyman acknowledged that integrators are working around the clock to meet this new demand, leaving their homes during the pandemic to service customers. The dealer took on the role of a courageous warrior, leaving their families every morning to support clients so they could learn, work and enjoy their homes. “For that, we extend our deepest gratitude,” Heyman added.

SnapAV Keeps Delivering Despite COVID-19

SnapAV says it worked around the clock, as well, with all 22 local facilities staying open and deliveries continuing every day. And though the company had faced its fair share of challenges, Heyman stresses that it has bounced back better than ever, and is looking forward to investing in the products and platforms that help partners succeed in the A/V industry.

“The great news is we are now stronger than ever, which was hard to imagine six months ago. We have big – really big – aspirations for this industry,” he said. “We believe we are the first company with the scale, people and resources to make our vision real for you, your customers, and the industry.”

Heyman emphasized that SnapAV is investing in two key initiatives to create growth: product platforms and business platforms. Both will work in tandem to ensure dealer success. He highlighted two product platforms with millions of dollars in company investment – remote monitoring platform OvrC and automation interface Control4 OS3, which are both being spotlighted heavily throughout the three-day event.

Before handing over the presentation to several key division leaders who unveiled new programs and products, Heyman strongly affirmed SnapAV’s commitment to the industry. “People ask me what is SnapAV’s mission? What is our ‘Why’? It’s simple. We are here to bring together the best people, partners and products to deliver joy, safety and connectivity to the world.”

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This article originally appeared on our sister publication Security Sales & Integration‘s website.