ProSource Integrators Tout ‘Priceless,’ ‘Game-Changing’ Benefits

54% of CE Pro 100 are ProSource members, who praise idea sharing, peer interaction, and camaraderie from buying group membership.


In the prelude to a big football game, the expert analysts always mention the “intangibles” that can affect the outcome. Those intangibles are often not measurable statistics, but instead relate to characteristics such as willpower, teamwork, internal drive and poise… all of which can be vital in success. Similarly, ProSource integrators recognize the benefits of being a member in the buying group go well beyond “tangible” assets such as warehousing, access to private showrooms/design centers, design services, financing, price protection, referrals, online project management tools, and discounted pricing and access to some of the top brands in the industry.

Indeed, members cite certain “intangibles” that can only be obtained by commiserating with fellow integrators on common challenges related to labor management, project management, sales techniques, profit-building ideas and more. These are just some of the reasons that more than half of the 2021 CE Pro 100 (54%) are ProSource members.

ProSource integrators shared some of the valuable lessons and advice they have received from being part of the organization:

“Being part of ProSource is a lot more than the buying power, and savings. That is very important, but the real value is in the peer-to-peer interactions, and best practice sharing. ProSource is way more than a Buying Group, it’s a community.” — Daniel Adair – Partner/CFO, Fusion Audio Video, Greenville, S.C.

“Being a member of ProSource give us access to programs we would not otherwise have which saves us both time and money – two extremely important resources!” — Andrea Rokicsak, CFO, SoundCheck LLC, Southfield, Mich.

“My expectation joining the ProSource family was additional revenue from the group buying power but I’ve found it has also been the source of some of the best friendships I have in the industry.” — Brad Larkin, President/Founder, Argenta, Sandy, Utah

“One of the greatest benefits of being a ProSource member has been the networking with similar companies that face the same industry and business challenges we do.” — Dean Coburn, Branch Manager, Multimedia Solutions, Farmers Branch, Texas

“Besides the increased margins, ProSource supports building better businesses and business fundamentals.  The collaboration between dealers, vendors as well as their online learning tool ProSource University and benchmarked McQuaig personality test have increased our efficiency and aligned culture.” — Matthew James Walin, Brilliant AV, Costa Mesa, Calif.

“We find that there is a tremendous amount of value in being part of ProSource.  Aside from the buying group benefits on pricing and rebates, the vendors and dealers involved are almost like secondary business partners for us because if you need any information, you have these amazing relationships right at your fingertips.  And then on top of that, the entire ProSource team is always there when you need them, always trying to innovate and ask, what else can we be doing for you?  It’s one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made.” —  John A. Minerva, COO, Executive Electronics of SW FL, Inc., Naples, Fla.

“ProSource has been a great asset to our organization. It has added a lot of additional benefits to us with vendors we had existing relationships with. Being able to interact and discuss day to day business with peers has been a valuable resource to see what is working for others and to help with solutions to move the business forward.” — Kimberly Bucholsky, Office Manager, All Systems Audio & Video, Hatboro, Pa.

“ProSource has definitely added great value to our company, helping us achieve better pricing and service levels, superior to what we could have achieved on our own.” — Ernie Wahlleben, Architechnology Designs, Melville, N.Y.

“Being a part of ProSource has been a game changer for us.”

— Mark DiPietro, SoundVision

“Being a part of ProSource has been a game changer for us.  Among all the many benefits, having access to the wealth of knowledge in the group has been invaluable.  There is a real sense of community within the group.” — Mark DiPietro, Managing Partner, SoundVision LLC, Mooresville, N.C.

“ProSource is the only buying group SST belongs to.  As a procurement partner, they are awesome.  The group of other owners I have met has been very helpful as well.” — Craig Curran, President, SST, Irvine, Calif.

“ProSource brings a lot to the table: information sharing, programs most likely we could not get on our own and delivers profit dollars to the bottom line. The most important is the idea sharing and information we get from like-minded dealers.” — Ryan Heringer, President, Sound Concepts, Jonesboro, Ark.

“ProSource vendor programs are second to none! Not only do we get increased margins, but we get better support from them. Even more, the relationships we build with other integrators and the knowledge we share with each other is invaluable. The relationships alone are worth being in the group!” — Joel Hernandez, First Priority audio, Pompano Beach, Fla.

“ProSource continues to be a valuable partner for Nebraska Furniture Mart.  The ProSource team has been very proactive this past year, helping its members navigate through all of the challenges brought on by the pandemic.  Innovative ideas like ProSource University were very beneficial in a time when on site trainings were limited.” — Jim Lind, Custom Integration and Home Theater Accessoryt Buyer, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Omaha, Neb.

“The member peer-to-peer support and mentoring is priceless.”

— Curt Nelson, Lewis Audio Video

“Being part of ProSource is so much more than getting great pricing on equipment. The ProSource Academy is one of the best training portals out there. And the member peer-to-peer support and mentoring is priceless.” — Curt Nelson, Outside Sales Manager, Lewis Audio Video, Newberg, Ore.

“In addition to providing lucrative vendor programs and quality service platforms (e.g., training, HR, and healthcare), ProSource excels at creating and fostering a sense of community among the members where we can share and learn from each other.” — Todd Wilcox, Execution Leader, ProStream Digital LLC, Flower Mound, Texas

“ProSource has been an incredibly valuable resource as it makes us ‘bigger’ in the minds of vendors and provides MUCH deeper more profitable programs.  Add in dealer/vendor ProSource sponsored summits and ProSource University and our membership is a no brainer!” — Alan Guyes, AV Buyer/Corporate Secretary, Audiotronics, Roanoke, Va.

“Being a member of ProSource ensures we have access to the best buying programs, rebates, and personal contacts with all the leading manufacturers. Over the past year the group has been especially valuable in providing an open community of dealers to have open and honest conversations on business conditions around the country, how others are navigating a constantly changing marketplace, and what internal processes have been working as we have all been shifting to remain valuable in each of our areas.” — Dalton Parker, Chief Technology Officer, TVS Pro, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Being a new owner in this industry, ProSource has been a great partner in helping me meet vendors, understand the business and build a network of friends that are there to help me when I need them.  From a program perspective, it offers a wealth of benefits primarily improved margin on many of our vendors that drives additional profitability.” — Paul Biava, CEO/President, ETC Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Fla.  

“ProSource gives us access to the top brands and partnerships in the CE Industry.” — Rick Goren, Owner, Technology Interiors, Fishers, Ind.

“Being in ProSource for nearly 12 years has enabled me to establish and grow relationships with manufacturers and vendors that I would’ve never been able to have direct contact with at the level I have through ProSource.” — Shawn Hansson, CEO and Founder, Logic Integration, Lone Tree, Colo.

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