WyreStorm’s Enado v4 Software Improves Enado & Enado Mini Control Capabilities

Supporting voice commands, dealers can now utilize Amazon’s Echo and FireTV in conjunction with WyreStorm’s Enado and Enado Mini.


WyreStorm is a well-known manufacturer of distribution and control products serving both the residential and commercial markets. Recently, the company announced a new software update—v4 for its Enado family of products—that is designed to improve the products control capabilities.

The Enado v4 Software is essentially a new operating system that improves the products' functionality and user interface experience. 

“This next generation of our Enado software is so much more than an update,” says James Meredith, Enado and networkHD product manager, WyreStorm. “With v4 we had the opoprtunity to really run with what makes the Enado system so unique in a control system market full of 'me too' solutions. V4 markes this latest evolution of Enado as one of hte most user friendly control soultions out there.”

Some of the improvements made to the software include updated Enado QR code generation that supports true bring your own device (BYOD) connectivity without having to utilize apps or other configuration tools.

The update also delivers several helpful improvements to the system's interface, including an user interface customization and button show/hide option to allow dealers to tailor the look of the interface. Buttons can now also be overlaid and layered to simplify the interaction of interface screens, and WyreStorm notes the new interface now has options for interactive maps of project sites that can be pressed for the control of specific zones or displays. 

Other options incorporated into v4 include integration capabilities to enable voice commands through products like the Amazon Echo and Fire TV Alexa voice assistant. 

“For an installer, the ability to create a communication process of Enado receiving IFTTT commands to trigger 'preset 1,' which is a macro that includes turning on the TV, set-top box [STB] and AVR, and switching the matrix to the appropriate input and changing the channel to 'CNN' is powerful,” says Meredith. “For an end user, reducing all that to the simple voice command, 'Alexa trigger CNN' is absolutely priceless.”

The v4 update also supports dynamic DNS updating to stay on top of changes to settings and IP addresses to ensure the system maintains control functionality. 

The update is applicable to its 1U Enado ENA-001-010 Controller and ENA-MINI-010 products, and these products incorporate provisions such as RS-232, IR and CC options via Global Cache devices that install through the software's customizable web-based interface.

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