Enclave Audio Systems Deliver Easy Wireless 5.1 Setups

CineHome II and CineHome PRO wireless surround sound packages boast WiSA certification and THX certification; CineHub transmitter supports 24/96, eARC, Bluetooth and more.

Enclave Audio Systems Deliver Easy Wireless 5.1 Setups

Enclave Audio's CineHome II wireless speaker bundle starts from $999 MSRP.

Wireless has been seen as the “future” of home audio seemingly for years.

On the multiroom audio front and ability to stream music services to individual loudspeakers, wireless has certainly been a disruptive force in custom electronics, thanks to floodgates that opened with the likes of Sonos. Individual wireless speakers and those that can pair as single-room stereo solutions have proliferated in recent years.

But when it comes to multichannel audio like 5.1-channel home theater systems? The wireless traction among integrators hasn’t quite had a similar effect.

New Bundles Built on WiSA Standard

Relative newcomer Enclave Audio is aiming to change that. It’s backed by technology certified by the WiSA (Wireless Speaker & Audio) Association, a group that’s been around since 2011 helping to push wireless multichannel audio … but perhaps still flies under the radar of integrators and consumers.

Enclave Audio is the latest to deploy a WiSA-compatible system, as the technology enables its new CineHome II and CineHome PRO 5.1 packages to be essentially plug-and-play home theater setups. They’re especially attractive for adding simple living room and multipurpose media room surround sound.

The company has also introduced its CineHub wireless audio transmitter, which plays nicely with any WiSA-certified or WiSA-ready ecosystem devices (like LG’s latest OLED and NanoCell TVs).

“Each year, we see video technology improve – from HD to 4K to 8K and beyond – but audio technology has been lagging. With the explosion of consumer access to multichannel audio content, we are planting the stake to say our entertainment deserves immersive audio,” says Rob Jones, CTO for Enclave Audio.

“We’re restoring the integrity of the home theater experience by delivering customers their favorite movies, shows, games, and music, the way it was intended it to be heard, without the complicated installation processes of the past.”

Wireless Speaker Makeup of CineHome II & CineHome PRO

Enclave Audio CineHome PRO
Enclave Audio’s CineHome PRO system bumps up the subwoofer size and driver complement of speakers.

Both of the new CineHome systems include three wireless front speakers (left, right, center), two wireless rear speakers, and a wireless subwoofer. Six power cords for the speakers are the “plug” part of the plug-and-play setup, and the CineHub is also included.

More specifically, the CineHome II ($999 MSRP) features: 8-inch down-firing subwoofer; a pair of 3-inch drivers and a 1-inch tweeter in the center channel; single 3-inch drivers and 1-inch tweeter in the LRs; and two 2-inch drivers in the bi-pole surrounds.

The CineHome PRO ($1,499) has: 10-inch down-firing sub; two 3-inch drivers and a 1-inch tweeter in all front channels; single 3-inch driver and 1-inch tweeter in the surrounds.

Meanwhile, the CineHub ($149 standalone, or $99 bundled with either system) offers Dolby Audio, DTS Digital Surround, uncompressed PCM and supports eARC, ARC, optical, Bluetooth and analog inputs, according to the company.

Enclave Audio notes the WiSA technology operates outside of Wi-Fi so there’s no 2.4GHz or 5GHz interference. The speakers support 24-bit/96kHz audio with extremely low latency and less than 1 microsecond of synchronization, the company says.

Additionally, not only are the CineHome II and CineHome PRO WiSA certified, but they are also the first such systems to earn THX certification as well, according to Enclave Audio.

Enclave Audio wireless setup apps
Configuration is simplified through Enclave Audio apps.