Tom Brady’s TB12 Facility in Boston Receives Major Tech Upgrade From Local Integrator

16 LG narrow-bezel 55-inch monitors help create the 16-foot-wide by 9-foot-high video wall centerpiece at Tom Brady’s TB12 Performance & Recovery Center in Boston.

Tom Brady’s TB12 Facility in Boston Receives Major Tech Upgrade From Local Integrator

The nearly seamless 4x4 panel video wall covers the lobby’s entire front-facing wall with 16 LG narrow-bezel 55-inch monitors

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Tom Brady may have left New England to seek out another NFL championship in Tampa Bay, but his TB12 wellness and fitness business continues to thrive in Boston. While the business has been growing, the owners of the company’s premier New England location knew it was in need of a major tech upgrade, including audio, video, and media distribution, so Boston-based integrator KORE was brought in to help modernize the facility.

In order for the TB12 Performance & Recovery Center to meet the needs of its clientele, KORE’s founder Ronnie Zielinski and team used Elan and Xantech products.

Included in the impressive showcase is a 16-foot-wide by 9-foot-high video wall that is active 24/7 and faces the Boston Marathon finish line in the center of the city.

While the original plan for an AV system was fairly modest, the project escalated in scope over time, eventually including the video wall. Once TB12 ownership learned how a large video wall could attract attention in their high-traffic location, KORE’s team knew it had to be included.

“We had a major opportunity to maximize the impact of our storefront space both to draw people in and to serve our patrons,” says Jeff Surette, senior vice president of TB12. “It had to be emblematic of the TB12 brand and simultaneously integrate a component that really popped. We wanted something as dynamic and eye-catching as possible – to tell the story of our brands for clients, customers and passersby,” he continued.

Powered by an Elan control system and a Xantech Video over IP solution, the nearly seamless 4×4 panel video wall covers the lobby’s entire front-facing wall with 16 LG narrow-bezel 55-inch monitors. KORE programmed multiple options for the video wall, enabling its use as a single large display, a quad-screen formation or a center display with 12 surrounding displays.

The main components of the automation system are an Elan gSC10 System Controller and an Elan S86A Integrated Multi-Room AV Controller. The video wall relies on 16 Xantech Video over IP receivers along with three accompanying transmitters.

“[This] control system was the ideal choice because the user interface is intuitive to use, simple to program and consistent across all controllers,” says Zielinski. “…It is easy for TB12 staff to access various content sources for the video wall through the Elan mobile app or a nearby in-wall touchscreen, providing instant access to promotional videos, marketing messages, cable TV and other content.”

KORE kept the rack area simple and tucked away from the main training and retail areas.

At TB12 Performance & Recovery Center, professional body coaches translate each client’s complete biomechanics and unique goals into comprehensive, customized, sport-specific and position-specific programs that integrate revolutionary concepts in athletic preparation, recovery, nutrition and cognitive training. Since these programs often run on the center’s wireless network, KORE also installed a robust, enterprise-grade wireless network to ensure that every client, trainer and guest has a 100% reliable, fast connection.

“This project kicked off right with the powerful team of KORE, TB12, Elan control products and Xantech Video solutions,” says Richard Pugnier, vice president of marketing at Nortek Control. “It had to be intuitive for anyone at the facility to use, highly-reliable and offer the advanced technological performance that will propel the organization today and into tomorrow. TB12 is now well-positioned to add new tech in the future and continually excite store visitors and attract new customers.”

Thanks to KORE, the Boston-based TB12 facility is ready to enter a whole new era of sports science and continue to help amateur and professional athletes achieve their physical best for years to come.

Full Equipment List:

  • Elan GSc10 Controller
  • Sonos Connect x 3
  • Elan GKP7 x 3 Keypad
  • Elan GTP7-W Touchpanel
  • Elan S86A Audio Controller
  • Wattbox IP Controllable Power Conditioner x 3
  • Omnimount Rack x 2
  • Xantech Video Over IP Controller
  • Xantech Video Over IP Transmitter x 3
  • Xantech Video Over IP Receiver x 16
  • Episode 70v Hybrid Amplifier x 4
  • Araknis Gigabit PoE Network Switch x 3
  • Axis 16 Channel Surveillance NVR
  • Axis M2026 Surveillance Camera x 6
  • Axis p3717-PLE Four Channel Multi-Directional Camera
  • Sophos XG125 Firewall/Router
  • Access Networks A510 x 7
  • Access Networks C120 Controller
  • Episode 800 Series 70v Pendant Speakers
  • Episode 800 Series 70v In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Sony XBR TV’s x 5
  • LG Video Wall Monitor x 16
  • Peerless Video Wall Mount x 16