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Why Every TV Needs a Soundbar

You want only the best quality when it comes to TV picture, so why not sound? That’s where Triad Speakers’ OnWall 2.0 soundbar comes in.

When it comes to TVs, we all want the latest and greatest technology that’s available for picture quality. Bigger screens, less glare, local dimming, higher light output—the list goes on and on. So why do we settle for such poor sound quality? Shouldn’t the audio match the video? The answer is a resounding, YES! And that’s where soundbars come in.

As TVs become almost credit card thin, there is less and less room to fit speaker drivers, so the drivers that are most often used become very small and weak. What’s worse, most of the speakers on today’s style of TVs are likely pointing down, or away from the viewer. Certainly not an ideal listening experience.

Enter the new OnWall 2.0 soundbar from Triad. This soundbar directs all of the audio right to where it’s pointed, so no more skipping back and trying to quiet everyone in the house to catch what was said in that famous movie line.

Almost every TV being made now is a Smart TV, which means music apps, like Pandora, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music and more are built right in. But with normal TV speakers, you are not getting the full range of sound that you would get with a soundbar. This is due to those teeny-tiny, badly situated speakers mentioned above. Being so small makes it impossible to create normal bass sounds. And since they’re not pointing where they should be, the higher-pitched treble sounds won’t be created accurately either.

The OnWall 2.0 offers better clarity, a higher output, and they have the ability to reach the full range of sounds, so even if you can’t hit all of the notes to your favorite jam, you know your soundbar can.

The best part about the Triad OnWall 2.0 soundbar is that it is totally customizable. They can be made to fit the exact length of a TV, so it looks like part of it, not an addition. A custom paint color or wood veneer can be applied, so the soundbar can match the wall, the entertainment center, the TV, wood paneling… just about anything.

Getting the perfect TV is the easy part, getting the perfect sound was the hard part—until now. You can check out the full line of Triad speakers by clicking here.

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