Control4’s Triad Designer Series In-Ceiling Speakers Deliver Big Sound from ‘Tiny’ Grill

Dealers may not have to compromise between sound and design with Control4 and Triad Speakers’ new Designer Series high-performance in-ceiling speaker line.


Control4 has announced a new Triad Speakers line of high-performance in-ceiling speakers called the Designer Series. The series delivers sound from a tiny four-inch, flush-mount speaker grill, pairing audio quality with a nod toward interior design. 

“The choice for in-ceiling speakers has traditionally been a compromise between sound and design,” said Control4 in a press release this morning. “The relatively narrow sound dispersion of conventional in-ceiling speakers requires more speakers to fill a room with sound, and their prominent speaker grills are an eyesore.

“Alternatively, invisible speakers can disappear behind the ceiling or wall, but lack high and low frequency response; and because they are integrated into the finished ceiling, repair and replacement is typically very involved and difficult. The Triad Designer Series speakers are uniquely engineered to hide neatly in a ceiling while projecting full, rich sound from an unobtrusive, tiny four-inch flush-mounted grill, all while retaining simple serviceability.”

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Control4 Triad Design Series Speakers

The Triad Designer Series comes in both full range and subwoofer models. Control4 says the speakers reproduce a wider range of sound than traditional invisible speakers using Triad’s Ultra-Broad Dispersion (UBD) tweeter.

The goal is to deliver something of a trifecta: homeowners receive great sound quality, designers and architects won't have to compromise aesthetics or design, and dealers receive serviceable speakers without needing to cut a hole in the finished ceiling. 

Control4 also highlights the speakers' aptitude for multi-room audio. The DS4-FR full-range speaker includes two woofers and an Ultra Broad Dispersion (UBD) tweeter that disperses sound through a 150-degree field. The company says its DS4-FR offers plenty of low-end capacity, but for rooms where extra bass is desired, the DS4-SUB delivers through its three woofers while remaining discrete. 

Additionally, the series incorporates solid wood construction to isolate the sound.

The Triad Designer Series is available today with an MSRP of $1,400 each for the DS4-FR and DS4-SUB. The speakers include a 10-year warranty. 

Control4 Triad Designer Series Speakers

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