RTI Rolls Out New Video over IP (VIP) Platform

Control provider RTI says VIP offers integrators flexible, simple-to-install 4K UHD distribution and robust user interface for residential and resimercial clients.


Popular control manufacturer RTI has announced its new Video over IP (VIP) platform that allows integrators to distribute 4K UHD video over a 1GB network switch.

The Shakopee, Minn.-based company says VIP is a flexible system that can be installed in minutes, scaled to a virtually unlimited number of endpoints, and controlled natively within the RTI control environment.

For the user, everything in the system is displayed on an RTI touchpanel, remote, or mobile device with video preview, making it simple to align any source with any display, the company adds.

“Our new VIP platform allows integrators to take advantage of existing network infrastructure to cost-effectively distribute crystal-clear video to displays across installations of any size,” says Neal Ellsworth, RTI’s director of AV product management.

“We’ve designed it so that integrators can deliver the benefits of Video over IP without the need for a deep understanding of networking or the need to manually assign IP addresses. It’s fully integrated into the RTI Integration Designer APEX programming and configuration platform, so all endpoints auto-discover and configure. This saves time on every installation.”

At the center of the VIP platform is the VIP-UHD-CTRL Control Module, which combines APEX integration with IR, RS-232 or TCP/IP control, and a wizard-based interface for fast and automated system configuration, RTI explains.

RTI VIP Facilitates Large-Scale Video Installs

Advanced signal management provides independent routing of IR, RS-232, USB/KVM, audio and video signals, while two RJ45 LAN connections bridge the main and VIP networks to increase performance and eliminate the need for a VLAN. Multiple displays can easily be combined into video walls, up to 16×16, using the video wall function, RTI says about popular applications in the resimercial/commercial space.

“Where the Video over IP line really shines is in the user experience,” Ellsworth adds. “The video preview images on the touchpanel, remote, or mobile device put the user in full control of what is playing where in the system from the same interface they use to manage the rest of the home or business.”

RTI VIP video over IP distributed video
RTI’s Neal Ellsworth says the company’s new VIP platform features a robust user interface.

With a 60Hz refresh rate and support for 4K resolution, the platform’s VIP-UHD-TX transmitter and VIP-UHD-RX receiver provide high-quality video, using visually lossless compression technology to deliver signals up to 328 feet.

HDCP 2.2 compliance with advanced EDID management eliminates copy-protected black screens when connecting HDMI sources, while built-in scaling lets each screen in a network display its full resolution instead of being limited by the lower resolution of legacy displays, RTI says.

The transmitter and receiver have analog audio embedding and breakout, and support all known HDMI audio formats, including Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio transmission.

To minimize cable clutter, the VIP-UHD-CTRL, VIP-UHD-TX, and VIP-UHD-RX can be powered by power over Ethernet (PoE). Up to four transmitters or receivers can be mounted using the 2RU RM-4VIP2 rack-mount adaptor shelf, which includes all necessary mounting hardware, the company states.

Also in video distribution, RTI recently announced it would distribute Blustream solutions to the U.S. integration market.