ISF Certified Elite Prime Vision Screen Takes the Edge Off Projection Images

EPV’s ALR projection screen features an edgeless design to help the product complement a variety of home interior designs.


The market for home projection has changed significantly over the past several years. While not completely gone the way of the dinosaur or eight-track tape, dedicated home theaters aren't as high of a priority as they use to be for affluent homeowners.

Nowadays, consumers want reasonably priced, functional large-screen video experiences that they can use on a daily basis. 

Helping dealers to meet the challenge of delivering affordable, easy-to-use, large-screen video systems is Elite Prime Vision (EPV). The California company's latest product, the DarkStar eFinity ALR (ambient light rejecting) screen provides dealers with a screen solution that is capable of 95 percent ambient light rejection to help it to meet Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) certification for color accuracy.

“The DarkStar is acclaimed by numberous A/V industry experts, and [it] is the winner of the 2015 CTA Product of the Year 'Mark of Excellence' award. This really is symptomatic of how good this material is and how successful this product has been,” notes Jeff Klida, vice president of sales, Elite Prime Vision. “The performance is already at the top of the scale; all that was missing was to make this available in the new 'edge free' format that everyone is asking for. Because of this, I am so happy to announce that the Dark Star is now available in the enormously popular eFinity configuration.”

Undoctored image of actual projector presentation.

EPV says the screen utilizes a retro-reflective, micro-structured optical filter that is capable of rejecting 95 percent of ambient light, while providing a viewing angle of 180 degrees, and an almost unity gain of .9. Framed in a 9mm bezel for an edge-free appearance, the screen is designed to aesthetically complement a variety of home interiors. 

The screen also comes with an LED backlighting option that can be used as “mood lighting.”

EPV adds the DarkStar eFinity ALR edgeless screen is available in a choice of either 108 inches or 124 inches in a 16:9 aspect ratio, and 158 inches in a 2.40:1 CinemaScope aspect ratio.  

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