Ihiji Adds Ticketing & Tracking to ServiceManager Software

Resolve issues faster and evaluate your total cost of support with the new ticketing feature of Ihiji’s ServiceManager software as a service platform.


As more and more integrators get on board with providing services and earning recurring revenue, they'll need to invest in a system to keep track of all those service tickets and technical support calls. 

Ihiji's ServiceManager is a software as a service (SaaS) tool designed to help CE pros, security monitoring firms and systems integrators do just that. Introduced for the first time at CEDIA 2015, software facilitates efficient and effective management of recurring service plans and service operations efforts. 

Ihiji has announced the latest addition to the software: ticketing.

Ihiji discovered that most systems integration firms do not have an efficient way to capture and track service tickets.

 Integrators have to resort to sticky notes on computer monitors and messages jotted on scrap paper.

“If you have a repeatable and measurable process to track clients’ technology issues and their state-of-mind about the situation, whether they’ve called before about the same problem or not, whether you’ve resolved issues in the past, you’ll become more efficient and be able to deliver a higher level of customer service,” says Michael Maniscalco, VP of products, Ihiji. “Ticketing takes the ‘fires’ created by client issues and creates visibility and accountability to work toward a resolution faster.”

Benefits of Support System Tracking:

  • Evaluate your total cost of support in order to improve efficiency, reduce excess costs, and earn more revenue off service plans.
  • Create easily trackable accountability within your company for service calls and service ticket resolution.
  • Track your issue resolution time and share the statistic as a selling point to customers interested in a service plan.
  • Resolve issues faster with your customer’s history at your fingertips – even if a different technician takes the call each time.
  • Detect trends with hardware, as well as hardware compatibility issues, so you can avoid future problems and be more proactive about fixing issues with current hardware across your customer base.

“We use the term Service Operations Center or SOC to define the collective mechanisms required to make your service offering as efficient, effective and profitable as possible,” says Steve Muccini, director of marketing, Ihiji. “Combined with our Ihiji Invision remote network monitoring and management software, Ihiji ServiceManager delivers a comprehensive SOC software platform that will streamline operations and provide for an improved customer support experience.”

Features of the ServiceManager Upgrade:

  • Customer Warranty tracking
  • Recurring Service plan tracking
  • RMR invoicing and billing
  • Customer contact management
  • Technical support ticketing and tracking
  • Centralised project documentation (coming soon)

“We have been able to improve our customer issue resolution level by generating support tickets using Ihiji ServiceManager,” says Chris Strope, Paragon Systems Integration. “I can assign an appropriate technician, track the issue to resolution and see a history of fixes by client. This is very useful in helping us to detect trends like recurring network and device related issues. Together with Invision, I can get a complete picture of all clients we are monitoring.”