How to Make Money Installing & Selling 4K Cable TV in Clients’ Homes

Watch this FREE 1 hour CEPro webcast, originally recorded live on May 4th to learn how integrators can get in on the profits, and build a better service model for combining 4k, broadcast, recorded, streaming, over-the-air, apps and other video sources in their A/V system installations.

For years, integrators and cable/satellite companies have had a frustrating, one-way relationship. Dealers spend countless hours designing and installing super-cool A/V systems and then present the customer on a proverbial silver platter to the cable/satellite company to connect their sometimes clunky set-top boxes. And while the cable company is sitting back collecting monthly subscription and component rental fees, the integrator is working for free and has to support the system, even though the cable box and service is the most-common cause of truck rolls.

But those days can be over. There is a way for integrators to control their installations end to end, increase profit, futureproof their systems, and improve customer satisfaction.  The TiVo BOLT is a single device that combines 4K content, linear TV, recorded content, apps and OTT content, including Netflix, Hulu, HBOGo, Amazon Prime, and more.  

But what are the steps integrators need to take to wean their clients off of cable boxes?

In this fast-paced one-hour webinar, you will learn from experts and an integrator in the field:

  • How you can banish the cable installer from your install.
  • How to “future-ready” a full 4K HDR-capable solution in the home, and the pros and cons of external breakout boxes compared to reliance on the built-in obsolescence of the “smart” TV.
  • Exactly what the equipment and installation margins are for dealers to offer TiVo BOLT, along with a comparison of monthly cable/satellite DVR and STB subscription and rental costs vs. BOLT.
  • The user experience comparison between a single unified entertainment system (UES)  and multiple subsystems with different interfaces and remotes.
  • Specific information on the apps, linear TV content, cable card, OTT, and streaming services available compared to other offerings.
  • Features such as casting, SkipMode, QuickMode, and OnePass—all available with TiVo.
  • The more profitable service business model for integrators servicing a single, repeatable design in the field vs. multiple cable company and satellite STBs.