5 Movie Recommendations from RBH Sound’s Daren Egan

Daren Egan of RBH Sound says movies as diverse as ‘Onward’ and ‘A Quiet Place’ provide a range of entertainment options while in self quarantine.

5 Movie Recommendations from RBH Sound’s Daren Egan

Daren Egan of RBH Sound says "Avengers End Game" is a fun blockbuster for at-home movie entertainment.

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With all that’s going on in the world today, there’s probably never been a greater public demand to watch movies, TV shows, concerts and documentaries than right now. 

With people looking for new ways to entertain themselves while we as a society enter our third week of self-isolation or quarantine—whatever you want to call it—home theater or multimedia systems are getting heavy amounts of use these days. 

Over the past week, we at CE Pro have offered a number of movie suggestions that include comedies, martial arts action movies, podcasts, video games and other types of media to try out as entertainment while at home. 

Asking some industry friends for some help, in this edition of CE Pro’s movies to watch while in quarantine slideshow, we asked Daren Egan of RBH Sound to recommend five movies for people to check out. 

For his list, Egan picked a diverse list of movies that span a range of genres and points in Hollywood history. 

Explaining our reasoning in asking Egan to provide his list, Egan’s company, RBH Sound has a long history of annually producing some of the best system demonstrations at shows such as CEDIA, CES and even way back at the old EHX events. 

Family a Priority for Egan 

Movies are for the most part a family event in the Egan house, and through his years at RBH Sound, movies are a must-attend event for the Egan family.

For those that have never visited the company during a trade event, RBH’s demos always feature high quality audio with well-designed room acoustics, speaker systems and nice electronics. 

The company also typically chooses trending content. If there’s a “hot” movie release, there’s a good chance RBH will be using that title in its demo. RBH Sound also deserves credit for choosing demo scenes within these movies that usually tell a little story, which is an essential part of a good system demo. 

Egan’s list combines content that was likely used by the company at some point for system demos, and classic movies that we all grew up watching.

Taking a quick look at Daren Egan’s choices, here are his five movies to watch while in quarantine:

  • “Onward”
  • “Pollyanna”
  • “Avengers: End Game”
  • “A Quiet Place
  • “Jumanji: The Next Level” 

To learn more about Egan’s choices click here.

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