4 Inspirational Movie Recommendations from Jeremy Burkhardt of Origin Acoustics

When Jeremy Burkhardt, CEO, Origin Acoustics, is not traveling the world growing his company, he can be found in his home listening to music and watching some of Hollywood’s greatest movies.


Jeremy Burkhardt, CEO of Origin Acoustics, says that movies such as "Fight Club" can provide life lessons that can be applied to running and growing a business. (Video courtesy of the Movieclips Classic Trailers YouTube channel)

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Normally, Jeremy Burkhardt, CEO of Origin Acoustics, is hard to pin down. The always-hustling Burkhardt is a true road warrior constantly traveling to build the company he founded several years ago.

Now, like everyone else Burkhardt finds himself at home during the coronavirus lockdown. Work from home (WFH) may be a new concept to Burkhardt, but it is not stopping him from being productive or enjoying his increased family time. 

Shifting his approach to work and the ways he enjoys his leisure time, Burkhardt is currently listening to more music, and watching more video content that includes movies in his home theater. 

Unlike many that watch movies to laugh or maybe for stimulation from a good fight scene or simple motivation, Burkhardt watches a movie and is able to see life lessons that he can apply to Origin Acoustics

Jeremy Burkhardt Draws Inspiration from Classic Movies

Showing you can’t judge a book by its cover, Burkhardt may look like an extra for the Motley Crue biopic movie “The Dirt,” but he’s actually a classic movie fan. 

Taking lessons from either true stories or fictional tales, Burkhardt points out there are lessons we can all learn from entertainment such as movies that we can apply to our real-life activities. 

Providing his choices for inspirational movies, Burkhardt points out how classic movies such as “Citizen Kane,” “Patton,” “Fight Club” and “Lawrence of Arabia” offer educational moments wrapped in entertainment. 

The most obvious of these lessons says Burkhardt comes from the iconic film “Patton.”

“The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his,” notes Burkhardt while commenting about the movie.

To read more about Burkhardt’s choices click here.

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