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FIBBR Launches Innovative HDMI High-Definition Cable

Fibbr announces its new product line, the Ultra Series HDMI active fiber cable.

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FIBBR is a brand that was introduced in the year 2013. Since then we have become the top R&D production integrated supplier throughout the optical fiber field. When we...
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CE Pro Editors · August 1, 2016

Fibbr announces its new product line, the Ultra Series HDMI active fiber cable. This cable allows for the transmission of 4K HD video and high fidelity audio at distances over 50ft, which is a groundbreaking invention in the technology industry.

While 4K video is becoming increasingly popular, the need for technology to advance with it is growing. FIBBR’s cable will give users an unparalleled audio-video experience unlike ever before.

By using optical fiber as a transmission medium, audio and video transmission is improved and weight volume is decreased. The fiber is able to ignore long distance signal transmission attenuation, as it can transmit at distances over 50ft.

Users are able to place their system devices anywhere, without the distorted signals that would traditionally occur at such a distance.

Fibbr’s HDMI cord meets the requirements of 4K 60Hz video transmission, as it utilizes optical fibers. With a built-in microprocessor, users can rest assured that the device is connected properly and will display high quality resolutions.

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