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2015 CE Pro Quest for Quality Winners

Based on 8,800+ total votes, CE Pro's 5th annual Quest for Quality Awards winners exemplify the helping hand given to integrators by the manufacturer/distributor community in their efforts to drive business and innovation.

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CE Pro Editors · March 31, 2015

Custom integrators may get the glory when it comes to designing and delivering sophisticated technology systems that enrich customers’ lives, but their great solutions wouldn’t be possible without the manufacturers that create the products and the distributors that help bring them to the dealers.

That only begins to describe the role that manufacturers and distributors play in the custom integration supply chain, though. In order for integrators to maximize their own business and efficiencies, they could use a lift in myriad areas: training on the latest technology; protected product lines; special programs and incentives; website conveniences; shipping and warranty advantages; technical support; sales and marketing; general lines of communication, and much more.

That’s why CE Pro launched its Quest for Quality Awards, which recognize outstanding efforts by manufacturers and distributors in service-related fields based on responses from the integrators that rely on them daily. In their own words, here’s why this year’s recipients feel they were rewarded.




Customer Service/General Communication

“When you call us, you get a real person. And we always treat you like we’d want to be treated, because many of us have been integrators — and some still are.” — Dawn Boland, Vice President, Customer Care

GOLD — Vantage
“Vantage’s customer service representatives (CSRs) and tech support representatives (TSRs) come in every morning ready to take the time to listen and resolve each customer issue. Vantage offers a broad range of products and our service and tech teams learn extensively about each one.” — Reid Cram, Director of Marketing

SILVER — Pakedge
“We take a team approach in all things including customer service and support. Not only are our customer service representatives cheerful and highly competent, but they are supported by a well-informed, highly motivated sales teams, as well as stellar operations and accounts staff. From the CEO on down, everyone in one way or another strives to enhance customer experience, either directly in the form of interactions, or through policies and processes.” — Nick Philips, Vice President of Sales

Technical Support

PLATINUM — Crestron
“Providing the highest level of customer satisfaction is priority No. 1. In support of this, we have created a dedicated Customer Satisfaction hotline, where end users (homeowners, corporate customers, etc.) can call or email us to either ask questions about how to use their system, or describe problems or issues they’re having. With more than 90 offices around the world, fully staffed with certified technicians, Crestron provides expert local support wherever our customers are. Our True Blue Support Team is always on-call to quickly respond to and resolve any issue. We can also dispatch our Advanced Technical Support Group to your job site at moment’s notice — free.” — Glenn Pernick, Director of Technical Support

GOLD — Pakedge
“We believe in proactive solutions — we host monthly webinars to train our dealers and send out tech tips in our e-blasts. We also just believe in putting out solid, quality products and our support specialists work alongside our developers and engineers so they are well informed. They even have a lab where they test all kinds of networking and A/V equipment so they can discover problems ahead of time.” — Dusan Jankov, Co- Founder and Chief Technical Officer

SILVER — Access Networks

Lead Generation

PLATINUM — Control4
“We are thrilled to win this award two years in a row, which shows that we are on the right track with our lead generation initiatives. Our goal has always been to provide our dealers with the most qualified leads of customers that have already initiated the buying process so the dealers can do what they do best — selling and installing top-notch home automation systems.” — Tyler Reed, Senior Manager - Direct Marketing

GOLD — Elan
“Our ongoing goal is to support our dealers, and delivering sales leads and marketing materials is a big part of that. We look forward to continuing to create opportunities for our dealers in 2015 and beyond.” — Bill Hensley, Director of Marketing, Core Brands

SILVER — Epson

Sales Marketing/Assistance

“Lutron’s number-one company principle is to take care of the customer. We work hard to listen, and do our best to respond with innovative products, sales programs, and marketing tools that help them to grow their business and delight their clients. Staying focused on our customers’ wants and needs ensures their sustained growth in the lighting and shading control categories. — David Weinstein, Vice President, Residential Sales

GOLD — Leon Speakers
“On behalf of Leon, we’re honored to have been chosen for this award. It is extremely important to us to know that our dealers feel connected to the Leon story and ultimately have the tools and resources to share that story with their customers. We feel strongly about arming our dealers with product knowledge at the point of sale and providing a platform to work with designers and other stakeholders to elevate the sale from a product decision to a lifestyle choice. Thank you to those that voted independently for Leon in this category. We truly appreciate your support.” — Ethan Kaplan, COO

“We are here 100 percent for our dealers and look to do even more for them in 2015. And of course, we thank all the dealers who have contributed to Elan’s success. With a new controller lineup and platform, we have a great story to tell, with real advantages for dealers and their customers.” — Bill Hensley, Director of Marketing, Core Brands

Warranty Policies

“We would never offer a product we didn’t stand behind. Our integrators put their reputations out there every time they use one. It’s our goal to uphold it. We even have a quality assurance lab in which we torture test product to ensure their longevity.” — Heinz Waelchli, Chief Customer Officer

GOLD — Savant

SILVER — Crestron
“Our standard warranty is highly praised by our dealers. The Express 48 repair program provides a 48-hour expedited repair service option to Crestron dealers. For a pre-determined fixed rate, Express 48 provides an added layer of support, ensuring rapid turnaround on repairs during time-sensitive projects. Additionally, we offer extended warranties on a host of products, including lighting and shades. Our Certified Design Program will offer extended warranties if ordered as a complete CDP order. The DM-MD64x64 and DM-MD128X128 Extended Services Agreement provides the ultimate level of confidence and care. We offer one or three-year extended warranties, plus expedited shipping of replacement switchers. This expedited and ‘white glove’ service, plus the peace of mind, is priceless.” — Dan Brady, VP, Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Shipping Policies

“In 2014, we delivered 96 percent of packages to our customers within two days. We know they need their products on time, so we do everything we can to ensure that they get them, in our policy making and our distribution centers.” — Brad Redmond, Chief Operating Officer

GOLD — QMotion
“Our goal is to make doing business with us easy; therefore, our dealers can clearly understand our shipping policies to give advance notification to customers. Our basic shipping policy includes freight in the overall cost of the product unless it is an oversized shade. Even for oversize orders, dealers know upfront all costs that must be accounted for when finalizing a customer’s order. In addition, QMotion recently introduced new packaging that not only protects the product in shipping but also developed from dealer and installer comments. Moving from compressed paperboard to cardboard, QMotion products are now easier for installers to remove from the package. The new boxes are 100 percent recyclable so installers can quickly collapse and compact the cardboard instead of having to transport bulky packaging to landfills.” — Cassie Metzger, Senior Brand Development Manager

SILVER — Atlona
“Atlona distinguishes itself with a combination of individual shipping programs that comprise a larger shipping policy to deliver a top-tier customer experience. For example, Atlona’s Free Shipping policy is among the most customer-friendly in the industry in terms of the size of the order needed to qualify. We combine this with our 30-Day Product Satisfaction Guarantee that offers a full refund for any product returned within 30 days of purchase. And we bolster that support with our Next-Day Advance Product Replacement Guarantee, which covers the free next-day shipment of any product that needs replacement within the first year of operation. These programs give our customers confidence that Atlona’s commitment to them is second to none.” — Garth Lobban, Senior Marketing Manager

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