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Wireless Networking

Luxul Wireless Access Point Supports Data Rates up to 3,167Mbps

By Robert Archer · April 29, 2019 • Luxul is now shipping its XAP-1610 wireless access point capable of supporting up to 128 wireless devices.

Hands On: $66 Trendnet AC1200 Extender Bolsters Reach of Wireless Networks

By Robert Archer · February 5, 2019 • The reasonably priced Trendnet AC1200 Extender can be used to improve the coverage of wireless networks with approximately 30 minutes of installation.

$99 EnGenius Wi-Fi Kit Blankets Homes With Internet Connectivity

By Robert Archer · January 3, 2019 • The EnGenius MESHdot Wi-Fi Kit is designed as a turnkey Wi-Fi network solution for homeowners and features companion iOS and Android apps to make installation and management as easy as possible.

Wireless Networks Will Always be ‘Second Rate’ vs. Hardwired

By By Robert D'Addario · December 26, 2018 • Opinion: Wireless will never be the answer to network speed woes compared to hardwired, and and the experience of wireless will always be 'second rate.'

$189 EnGenius Access Point Helps Integrators Futureproof Network Installs

By Robert Archer · November 8, 2018 • Utilizing Qualcomm's EWS357AP chipset, the new EnGenius EWS357AP wireless access point employs 11ax technologies to expand the capabilities of Wi-Fi.