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UPDATE: JCPenney Plays Gender Card, Launches Home Automation Biz and Pro Installation

By Julie Jacobson · March 16, 2017 • Capitalizing on its large female customer base, JCPenney is the latest big-box brand to get into home automation with new “Home Services,” featuring Samsung SmartThings and and other smart-home systems. [UPDATE: JCP is not installing the smart-home equipment, just the other five Home Services categories.] (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Target Seriously Upgrades Its IoT Retail Presence

By Jason Knott · February 17, 2017 • Target renovates its Open House store in San Francisco with more interactive displays and more smart home products. The store also collects qualitative and quantitative data on engagement levels by shoppers.

Target’s New Minn. ‘Connected Living’ Space Features Smart Devices, Not Home Automation

By Julie Jacobson · June 14, 2016 • IP cameras, smart thermostats, IoT basketballs line shelves of Target’s Connected Living Experience in Minneapolis area, but ‘experience’ is a misnomer and home automation is mostly absent. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)