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Four Great Ideas on Human Resources from Top Home-Tech Pros

By Julie Jacobson · May 6, 2019 • Surveying the spouses of your employees?! ProSource members share a few offbeat but highly effective workforce initiatives.

From Wellness to Workforce: CE Pro Names Top 5 Home-Tech Trends for 2019

By Julie Jacobson · November 20, 2018 • PREVIEW: CE Pro's Top 5 Home Technology Trends for 2019 address opportunities and challenges for smart-home pros in wellness, low-voltage lighting, cord-cutting, architectural design and the labor crisis.

Bleak Economy Ahead: Azione Pushes Lighting, Workforce Development, Website Mastery

By Julie Jacobson · November 5, 2018 • Anticipating dire economic straits for 2019, Azione chairman Richard Glikes urges home-tech integrators to embrace lighting and wellness, and to get aggressive on workforce development and marketing.

Careful on 1099 vs Employee: Wrong Contract Can Bite You in the ... Achilles

By Julie Jacobson · August 13, 2018 • Security dealer hires full-time 'independent' 1099 salesman who gets bit by a dog during a sales call. Who is liable for medical expenses and lost wages?

Best Ever Recruitment Video for Home-Tech Integrators?

By Julie Jacobson · June 20, 2018 • SAV Inc. knows how to get potential employees excited about home automation in this recruitment video.

More Great Hiring Tips in Tight Labor Market: Join Industry Forums, Pay for Referrals

By Jay Basen · May 16, 2018 • Experienced home-technology integrator suggests participating in industry forums to find potential employees with the right skillsets, and offering generous bonuses for referrals.

CE Pro 100: Biggest Challenges Facing Home-Technology Integrators in 2018

By Jason Knott · May 8, 2018 • Among the highest-revenue home-technology installers, the biggest challenges for 2018 will be finding employees, tight product margins, maintaining efficiency, and supporting a profitable service/RMR business.

How to Overcome Hiring Hardships

By Advertorial · April 27, 2018 • Experiencing a drought of qualified home systems integrators to hire? ConnectWise offers tips on how to find the right employees.

Mason Group: Matching Candidates to Strengths Is Key to Hiring

By Advertorial · December 22, 2017 • Nick Lanska of pro A/V hiring firm Mason Group stresses the importance of using a networked approach to finding experienced A/V labor.

Azione Dealers on Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Home-Tech Employees

By Julie Jacobson · October 18, 2017 • Leading home-technology integrators at Azione conference discuss successes and shortcomings in human resources, including hiring and developing employees.

How CE Pro 100 Custom Installation Firms Handle Hiring Challenges

By CE Pro Editors · April 24, 2017 • CE Pro top 100 integrators respond to labor crisis with focused programs for career development to attract and retain technicians and salespeople.