Hulu Confirms New Cable and Broadcast Channel Streaming Service

By Chelsea Cafiero · May 4, 2016 • The service, set to rival streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon, will offer consumers real-time delivery of broadcast and cable TV network channels without requiring a cable connection.

Netflix, Amazon and HBO Now: Consumers Reveal Their Streaming Service Preferences

By Robert Archer · March 16, 2016 • Streaming services like HBO Now, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are the leading providers of a growing market that also includes shopping, audio, financial, learning and even dating options.

VIZIO’s Value-Minded D Series 4K TVs Are Loaded with Features

By Robert Archer · February 18, 2016 • The fully backlit LCD televisions from VIZIO range from 40 inches to 65 inches, offering 4K resolutions and 802.11ac wireless networking connectivity.

Streaming Market Defining Offline Content Access Standards: Amazon Says Yes & Netflix Says No

By Robert Archer · December 19, 2014 • The evolution of the streaming market finds service providers taking individual stances to allow users access to programming.

Hulu for Windows 8: A Reason to Dump my iPad

By Julie Jacobson · October 22, 2012 • New Hulu Plus App for Windows 8 crushes the iOS version. Can you say multitasking?

TP-LINK N600 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router

By Robert Archer · August 20, 2012 • TP-LINK's new N600 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router combines the functions of two routers within one single product to allow for the broadcast and reception of data on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands.

Apple TV Gets Hulu Plus

By Julie Jacobson · July 31, 2012 • After years of fighting it, Apple has finally embraced Hulu Plus, allowing the service to stream through Apple TV.

1 Million Consumers Dump Cable for Netflix, Hulu

By Rachel Cericola · April 5, 2012 • A new report says that more people are directing entertainment funds to the likes of Netflix, Hulu and iTunes.

Super Bowl Commercials: Top 5 Tech Ads Ever

By Steve Crowe · February 1, 2012 • Some people watch the Super Bowl only for the commercials. We round up the best technology ads that ran during the Super Bowl.

Comparing Amazon, Hulu Plus, iTunes, Netflix, Vudu

By Julie Jacobson · December 14, 2011 • Which video streaming service provides the best bang for the buck? Compare price, selection, audio quality, video quality, supported devices and more.

TiVo Premiere Elite

By Robert Archer · September 23, 2011 • The latest TiVo product incorporates four tuners, 2TBs of storage and it is THX certified.

New Netflix Rates Will Delay My Cord Cutting

By Julie Jacobson · July 13, 2011 • Monthly fee goes from $10 to $16. Looks like Redbox is the big winner.

Hulu Plus Lands On TiVo Premiere

By Maxine Giza · May 23, 2011 • Hulu Plus is now available on TiVo Premiere.

Streaming Media Needs a Navigation Makeover

By Jason Knott · January 18, 2011 • Streaming media via the TV will continue to be a niche offering if systems aren't simplified to a more user-friendly format.

Forget About Google TV at CES

By Julie Jacobson · December 20, 2010 • Amid poor reviews, Google asks Toshiba, LG, Sharp to delay their Google TV offerings and refrain from showing at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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