Code Creative Launches Dynamic Tile-Based Theme for Crestron, AMX

By Julie Jacobson · April 6, 2015 • New Metro theme features dynamic buttons and pin-to-tile options for Crestron and AMX building- and home-automation interfaces.

Life is Too Short for Bad User Interfaces

By Julie Jacobson · November 25, 2013 • Why did I suffer so long with the awful Time Warner Cable DVR? TiVo, how I've missed you!

Simplest UIs Ever: Easy Button, Drunk Switch, Hangover Fob

By Julie Jacobson · September 12, 2013 • Brag all you want about your touchscreen GUI, but sometimes the easiest solution is a one-button device for when you're drunk or otherwise impaired.

Best User Interface at ISE 2013? Customizable Glass from Vitrea

By Julie Jacobson · January 31, 2013 • Capacitive glass touchpads from Vitrea can be customized with any background, control any high- and low-voltage devices; Crestron, Vantage, RTI, Lutron, KNX supported.

Time Warner Cable: Worst TV Interface Ever?

By Julie Jacobson · November 1, 2012 • The DVR menu is in the "Help" tab, video on demand is impossible to navigate, and the remote control has teeny weeny buttons. And we wonder why cable companies like Time Warner Cable are losing subscribers.

A Clever Way to Build Home Automation Rules, Events

By Julie Jacobson · August 9, 2012 • From the MIT Media Lab comes HomeMaestro and a new way to build IF/THEN commands for a home control system.

Are Integrators Putting the ‘Gesture’ in GUI Design?

By Julie Jacobson · February 7, 2012 • Graphical user interfaces are giving way to gesture-based controls. Are system designers keeping pace with the modern-day GUI?

What Water Dispensers and Home Automation Have in Common

By Julie Jacobson · June 17, 2011 • CE GUI developer RocketGUI enhances Squeezebox integration with AMX, develops user interface for water dispenser kiosk.

Guifx Releases Victoria UI Kit for Mobile G iPad App

By Julie Jacobson · July 30, 2010 • Elegant touchscreen design from Guifx is now available for Crestron touchscreens, including Crestron Mobile G; support for AMX and other vendors coming soon.

CE GUI Designer Shows Interface for Smart Refrigerator

By Julie Jacobson · May 7, 2010 • Guifx, which began life as a home systems integrator, shows fridge/freezer interface at Embedded World; GE calls to learn more.

10 Awesome Resources & Tools for Touchscreen Design

By Aaron Craig · March 11, 2010 • GUI developer Aaron Craig of NTDesigns shares great online tools, tutorials, and tips for beginner and expert interface designers

GUI Creator Donates Proceeds to CE Pro in Need

By Julie Jacobson · November 10, 2009 • Well known for his free graphics for the CE pro community, Mac Burks of now offers some templates for a fee, with 50% of the proceeds going to Team Angela

5 More Free Graphics, Templates for CE Pros

By Julie Jacobson · October 12, 2009 • NTDesigns has added to its free downloads with iPod emulators for Crestron, woodgrain and metal templates for URC and more.

Free Icons, Templates and Graphics for CE Pros: The Best Web Sites

By Julie Jacobson · July 17, 2009 • Give your touchscreens a little oomph. Check out these great places to download channel icons, backgrounds, CE-specific graphics and more ... all for free.