AV Job Finder Facebook Group Makes Posting & Finding Jobs Easier Than Ever

By Adam Forziati · November 16, 2018 • The AV Job Finder FB group looks to become a place where companies hiring freelance A/V technicians can post jobs in a less formal atmosphere.

National #SmartHomeDay Features Facebook Livestream From Industry Faves

By Andrew Nichols · October 30, 2018 • To celebrate the first National #SmartHomeDay, representatives from Crestron, Origin Acoustics, Control4 and more will participate in a livestream on National Smart Home's Facebook page.

10 Cybersecurity Smart Home Tips to Share With Customers

By Rodney Bosch · October 16, 2018 • It's Hacktober, also known as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), which means it's the perfect time to brush up on some key tips to help keep your customers and their data safe from hackers.

Why GAFA’s Interest in the Smart Home Actually Presents Significant Opportunity

By Jason Griffing · May 16, 2017 • GAFA's (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) entrance into the smart home market presents two big changes for integrators: more customers but less product revenue. Can you see the opportunity there?

8 Social Media ‘Quick Tips’ for Businesses

By Kimberly Lancaster · May 2, 2017 • There are many ways a business can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites to its advantage, but first you must understand your online audience.

King of Home Automation: Crestron Revenues Revealed

By Julie Jacobson · January 30, 2017 • Crestron Electronics, a giant in building automation and smart-home technology, has tripled its revenues since 2012; CTO Fred Bargetzi discusses Mark Zuckerberg's Jarvis AI home automation system. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Zuckerberg’s Home AI: Will Facebook be the Next Home Automation Giant?

By Julie Jacobson · December 20, 2016 • Mark Zuckerberg builds 'Jarvis' home-automation system, using Crestron as base, plus Facebook platforms like Messenger and facial recognition, with artificial intelligence (AI) thrown in. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

With Parse for IoT, Facebook Could Have the Next HomeKit Home Automation Platform

By Julie Jacobson · March 31, 2015 • Facebook subsidiary Parse has launched an IoT SDK for cloud-enabling IP devices, and eventually could link all these newly smart devices with cloud-based rules engines a la HomeKit or IFTTT.

Control4 Educates Integrators on Social Media Savvy

By Arlen Schweiger · May 10, 2012 • Control4 Social Media Training webinars focus on how dealers can capitalize on being skillful at Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and more social media outlets.

Celery Communications Services

By Robert Archer · December 22, 2010 • The N.Y.-based company's communications platform allows senior citizens without computers to send and receive emails and other forms of media.

Paradigm, Sony Use New Media for Promotions

By Robert Archer · November 9, 2009 • Marketing efforts reflect many ways of reaching a diverse group of consumers.