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Earthquake Sound

Can ‘Invisible’ Transducers Solve OLED TV Audio Concerns?

By Jason Knott · July 10, 2017 • Super-thin ‘wallpaper’ OLED TVs look great, but require audio enhancement. Could aesthetically pleasing ‘invisible’ transducers be the answer?

Earthquake Sound’s ECS-SS82 In-Ceiling Loudspeaker Delivers Controlled Directivity

By Robert Archer · January 13, 2016 • The frameless ECS-82 edgeless SweetSpot in-ceiling speaker from Earthquake Sound also includes the company's Turn-N-Lock installation mechanism that supports fast and easy dealer installs.

The New Earthquake Edgeless Line Array In-wall System

By CE Pro Editors · December 15, 2014 • More Sound, Less Reflections

Earthquake’s Supernova MKIV - Series of Powered Subwoofers

By CE Pro Editors · November 21, 2014 • Earthquake’s Supernova MKIV Series of powered subwoofers is a value and performance driven line of subwoofers. Its brilliant design overcomes the limitations known from conventional closed and ported designs that prevent radical excursion, deep response and high decibel.

Earthquake Cinenova Grande 7BR Amp Brings the Thunder

By Robert Archer · September 19, 2014 • Earthquake Sound's latest seven-channel amplifier utilizes a card-cage design and is capable of producing 360-watts per channel into 8 ohms with all-channels driven.

Earthquake Sound Adds Titan Theia Center Channel Speaker

By Robert Archer · November 22, 2013 • Earthquake Sound's new Titan Theia Center Channel Speaker uses two 1-inch silk-dome tweeters, four 4-inch midrange drivers and a 10-inch passive radiator to produce a full frequency response.

Earthquake Rough-in Kits Expedite Installation of Edgeless Speakers

By Robert Archer · October 29, 2013 • Earthquake Sound says its new RK-EC6 and RK-EC8 rough-in kits are engineered to make the installation of its Edgeless Ceiling Speakers straight forward and easy.

Simple and Fast Home Installation

By CE Pro Editors · October 23, 2013 • Earthquake Sound’s RK-EC6 and RK-EC8 offer extreme versatility for the installation of Edgeless Ceiling Speakers. Each rough-in kit is designed to expedite home audio installation during new construction with guaranteed customer satisfaction. The RK-EC6 kit is compatible with the 6”. . .

Earthquake Sound BT4 Enables Bluetooth Audio Streaming

By Robert Archer · September 3, 2013 • Earthquake Sound's BT4 Wireless Audio Receiver provides an affordable solution that transmits full audio content from devices like iPhones and iPads to A/V systems.

Earthquake’s BT4 Wireless Audio Receiver

By CE Pro Editors · August 19, 2013 • Earthquake Sound is proud to introduce its latest audio gadget called BT4 BlueTech Wireless Audio Receiver. With the BT4, users can easily stream music from their Bluetooth® enabled devices (i.e. iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch®, Android®, etc.) to their stereo. . .

Earthquake’s Edgeless Ceiling Speakers – Now Available in Stereo Models

By CE Pro Editors · July 22, 2013 • Earthquake Sound’s EDGELESS In-ceiling speakers are now also available in dual voice coil/stereo models with Dipole/Bipole and DVC/Surround selectable modes for use in limited/smaller space such as kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, etc. Each speaker is equipped. . .

Earthquake’s ROCK-on Outdoor Speakers – Now Available in Limestone

By CE Pro Editors · June 21, 2013 • Earthquake Sound has expanded its ROCK-on outdoor speaker series to include Limestone colored 8-inch two-way rock speakers (Limestone-82) and 10-inch dual rock subwoofers (Limestone-10D). Made with durable epoxy resin construction enclosure that is UV treated and weather resistant, these ROCK-on speakers and subwoofers can withstand the demanding outdoor elements.

Newly Released Cinénova IR16: 8-Zone, 16-Channel High Power Amplifier

By CE Pro Editors · April 1, 2013 • Earthquake’s Cinénova IR16 has the power no other multi-zone amplifier in the market can match. Designed with 8 individual power supplies (bifilar) for power isolation, accuracy and better channel separation; this rack-mountable amplifier can deliver up to 150 Watts RMS. A power rating that is almost unheard of for multi-zone amplifiers.

New XJ-700R LFE Mono Block Subwoofer Amplifier

By CE Pro Editors · April 1, 2013 • Earthquake XJ-700R is a ruggedly constructed high quality professional subwoofer amplifier, it is equally suited for home or professional use. XJ-700R is ideal for sub-woofer application (THOR in-wall), tactile transducers (Q10B), and a variety of other home and studio applications.

Cinénova Grande 7BR: 1400 Watts @ 8-ohm bridged

By CE Pro Editors · March 1, 2013 • New from Earthquake Sound- The Cinénova Grande 7BR (7-channel bridgeable amplifier) excels ahead of its predecessor the legendary Cinénova 7. Loaded with features, the Cinénova Grande 7BR class A/B amplifier is the #1 choice for sound quality, power, and versatility.

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