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Coldwell Banker

The Strange Alt History of Home Automation According to Coldwell Banker

By Julie Jacobson · January 25, 2017 • Self-professed “pioneer in smart homes,” real estate giant Coldwell Banker traces the beginnings of the home-automation movement to the 1997 launch of GM’s OnStar, followed by the 2010 debut of Nest. Plus: CE Pro's own History of Home Automation in pictures. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Coldwell Banker Turns Smart Home Retailer; Sells Lutron, August, Nest and $59 Installs

By Julie Jacobson · August 26, 2016 • Real Estate giant Coldwell Banker steps up smart home agenda, marketing home automation devices and $59+ installs through Pro.com to help properties sell faster. Only three devices makes a “smart home?” (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)