How Millennials Will Reshape the Home Improvement Market, and 9 Other Talks to Attend at CEDIA 2016

By Chelsea Cafiero · August 3, 2016 • Disruptive technologies, the Internet of Things, voice control and virtual reality. These are only a few of the industry's hot topics that you'll hear about at the annual CEDIA Talks at CEDIA 2016.

FCC Proposal to ‘Unlock’ Cable Boxes Could Be Boon for Integrators

By Tim Albright · June 1, 2016 • If encryption inside cable set-top boxes is opened to third-parties, CE pros could create custom app-based video content delivery systems for their clients.

As Video Streaming Gains Popularity, Are People Really Cutting the (Cable) Cord?

By Robert Archer · April 27, 2016 • Despite the perceived popularity of cord cutting, a newly announced study from CR says that TV subscribers are actually combining streaming with subscription cable and satellite services.

How to Make Money Installing & Selling 4K Cable TV in Clients’ Homes

By CE Pro Editors · March 31, 2016 • Watch this FREE 1 hour CEPro webcast, originally recorded live on May 4th to learn how integrators can get in on the profits, and build a better service model for combining 4k, broadcast, recorded, streaming, over-the-air, apps and other video sources in their A/V system installations.

Will superMHL Replace HDMI?

By C.H. Chee · March 21, 2016 • Integrators prepare for superMHL cable with reversible 32-pin connectors capable of carrying 8K @120fps supporting HDR, advanced color, Dolby and DTS. Technology developed by Sony, Samsung and Toshiba.

7 Myths about Fiber & Why Category/Twisted Pair Wiring Should Be Phased Out

By Robert D'Addario · January 25, 2016 • Guest Blog: Fiber is not difficult to terminate, it is not fragile and it is not expensive. Integrators should start phasing out their use of Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) or Category cable. But misconceptions about fiber continue to persist, holding back its widespread adoption.

‘Great Looking Racks’ Winner Manages 3.8 Miles of Install Wiring

By CE Pro Editors · November 3, 2014 • Electronic Lifestyle Associates very neatly integrated the gear and cabling to cover 23 rooms and 7,500 square feet and earn accolades as winner of this year's 'Great Looking Racks' contest, sponsored by Middle Atlantic Products.

Legrand’s new Network Cables Exceed Industry Standards

By Robert Archer · April 26, 2013 • Legrand has introduced its latest line of Cat-5e, Cat-6 and Cat-6a patch cables, and the Penn.-based company says the products surpass the specifications mandated by the telecommunications industry.

NTW Group Secures RJ45 Connections

By Robert Archer · April 1, 2013 • NTW says its PortBlockers product can protect unauthorized users from using RJ45 inputs and can be employed in environments ranging from corporate and finance, to food and healthcare industries.

Key Digital Engineers HDMI Cables for Commercial Installations

By Robert Archer · February 4, 2013 • Key Digital says its new Champion Series Hi-Fi Commercial HDMI cables support 1080p video, video and control in installation environments outside of traditional home theaters.

UltraLink XLO adds to its Ultra Series of Cables

By Robert Archer · January 24, 2013 • The Canadian cable manufacturer has added three new product lines to its Ultra series of products.

10 ‘Go To’ Tools Every Technician Needs (and Why)

By Jason Knott · January 22, 2013 • Whether it's a multifunction tool or one for an individual special need, there are certain often-overlooked 'A-level’ tools for measurement and termination that every datacomm technician must have.

TiVo Premiere 4 DVR

By Robert Archer · August 17, 2012 • The Alviso, Calif.-based technology company TiVo, Inc. has added to its line of Premiere family of DVR products through the launch of the Premiere 4.

Klein Tools coax & twisted pair connectors

By Robert Archer · June 13, 2012 • Klein Tools has added new products to its Voice/Data/Video (VDV) line of tools and testers through the introduction of its new coax and twisted pair connectors.

Do Not Call Comcast’s New Streaming Service a Netflix Killer

By Grant Clauser · February 23, 2012 • Xfinity Streampix video streaming service seems to take on Netflix, Hulu and Verizon, and could be just another factor in driving people away from cable service.

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