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Active Thermal Management

Active Thermal Management’s Latest Cooling Systems Regulate Video Wall Temperatures

By Robert Archer · October 26, 2018 • Active Thermal Management has announced two new cooling systems that are designed to address video wall systems.

CE Pro 100 Names Top Rack Cooling System Brands

By Robert Archer · June 14, 2017 • SnapAV’s Strong brand closes the gap to share second place with Active Thermal Management (ATM), right behind Middle Atlantic. Check out the complete list in our 2017 Brand Analysis.

AV Rack Experts Share Easy Ways to Create the Most Reliable Racks Possible

By Robert Archer · August 25, 2016 • If assembling quality racks was easy, there wouldn’t be a need for dealers to do it. Putting together a rack system requires attention to detail in order to maximize equipment performance and reliability.

Active Thermal Management (ATM) Announces 2U High Rack Cooling System

By Robert Archer · February 1, 2016 • ATM says its newest rack cooling system operates quietly producing just 22dB of fan noise.

ATM’s Cool-Cube is ‘Just the Right Size’ for Venting A//V Closet

By CE Pro Editors · July 27, 2015 • Best known for its A/V rack-cooling systems, Active Thermal Management (ATM) also offers Cool-cube for 'closet-sized' equipment rooms. Warns about garage venting.

Active Thermal Management Introduces Cooling Switches

By Robert Archer · October 6, 2014 • Adding to its line of rack cooling products, ATM has released two new thermal switches.

ATM Cool-view Thermometer Provides Equipment Rack Temperature

By Robert Archer · August 19, 2013 • Active Thermal Management's Cool-view is a 1RU device that provides temperature feedback in Fahrenheit or Celsius. It also includes a power supply and remote temperature sensor set on a 24-inch cable.

How to Properly Ventilate Racks

By Frank Federman · December 29, 2011 • Should rack fans blow in cool air or push out hot air? Should some fans in a rack be pushing while others are pulling?

ATM to Demo $300 Emergency Switch to Keep A/V Racks Cool

By Julie Jacobson · September 7, 2011 • When temperature rises above a certain setpoint, new Cool-off from Active Thermal Management shuts off power to all devices plugged into connected power strip.

Pro Audio Associates Hosts 4th Annual Open House

By Jason Knott · July 1, 2011 • New England distributor packs in crowd -- despite rain -- to see 30+ vendors and pick up deals.

Active Thermal Management (ATM) System 4 Enclosure Cooling System

By Robert Archer · October 14, 2010 • Unlike many cooling solutions that require multiple openings, ATM's new System 4 incorporates a single opening that's designed to force heat away from equipment and out its grille slots.

Active Thermal Management (ATM) Tri-mode Component Cooler

By Robert Archer · May 27, 2010 • Installers can set up ATM's new cooling device to cool system components in three types of applications.