URC Introduces Juke Audio Control Integration

Homeowners can now control their Juke Audio whole-house audio systems through URC's Total Control platform.

Nov 03, 2023

URC Announces Integration with Home Theater Specialist StormAudio

With the latest StormAudio support, customers will be able to use URC’s Total Control platform for media system operation, navigation, macro scene presets and more.

Oct 23, 2023

Lighting & Shade Solutions Branch Out Impressively at CEDIA Expo

With evermore entrants in lighting controls/fixtures and motorized shades at CEDIA Expo 2023, exhibitors showed eye-opening demos, wider-reaching applications, simpler system setup, and dealer support.

Sep 22, 2023

CEDIA Expo 2023 Highlights How Far Home Control Ecosystems Have Expanded

Here’s a brief look at what home automation providers showed at CEDIA Expo in Denver as they continue to simplify installations and device commissioning, streamline system design, and empower end users to be more engaged with their technology.

Sep 20, 2023