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Meridian’s Compact 251 Powered Zone Controller for Hi-Res Audio Is Only $1,500

For a lower price than you’d expect with Meridian, the compact 251 Powered Zone Controller supports high-resolution audio and MQA as it delivers 2 x 100W for two passive loudspeakers or a soundbar for media room projects.

Chelsea Cafiero · August 08, 2017

Black Sabbath Box Set Includes MQA Digital Audio

The seminal metal band Black Sabbath is releasing ‘The Ten Year War’ limited edition vinyl box set that contains eight classic albums, as well as digital audio versions in the MQA format.

Robert Archer · June 23, 2017

7 Speaker Design Trends Shaping the Market

KEF, Meridian and Leon Speakers weigh in on the most pervasive speaker design trends of today.

Lisa Montgomery · June 15, 2017

MQA, Offer Hi-Res Live Recordings of Metallica, Bruce Springsteen, Others

MQA has entered into a partnership with to provide consumers with the highest available sound quality options for live concert downloads from artists like Metallica and Bruce Springsteen.

Robert Archer · May 30, 2017

MQA Adoption Grows Through New Partners Like Mark Levinson, AudioQuest

High-resolution audio technology MQA is experiencing rapid growth through the adoption of top name brands such as Mark Levinson, AudioQuest, Krell and Moon by SimAudio.

Robert Archer · May 15, 2017

Cary Audio’s All-in-One-System (AiOS) Is Designed for New Generation of Audiophiles

The All-in-One-System (AiOS) from Cary Audio incorporates 150 watts of amplification, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and MQA compatibility for a music system for the new generation.

Robert Archer · April 10, 2017

Meridian America Brings Training Classes to Texas, California

Meridian America (MAI) to conduct a series of educational sessions in Texas and California to help educate electronics professionals on whole-house audio, high-resolution audio and MQA.

Robert Archer · March 02, 2017

MQA Signs Multi-Year Deal with Universal Music Group

High-resolution audio technology company MQA signs deal with Universal Music Group (UMG) to encode the company’s music catalog.

Robert Archer · February 16, 2017

Lenbrook Expands BluOS Functionality to NAD

Developed as a proprietary platform, Lenbrook’s BluOS wireless whole-house audio platform enables dealers to mix and match Bluesound and NAD products to form complete system solutions.

Advertorial · February 13, 2017

MQA Hires Former Warner Music Group Executive Jbara as CEO

As CEO Jbara will leverage his music industry background and understanding of technology to grow the MQA format.

Robert Archer · July 28, 2016