Invision UK to Distribute madVR Labs in the U.K.

Invision UK and madVR Labs, LLC, have announced a new distribution partnership that brings the madVR Envy Extreme MK2 and Pro MK2 video processors to the U.K. custom install market. The partnership comes concurrent with the just-released MK2 version

Apr 13, 2023

madVR Labs Unveils Next-Gen Envy MK2 Series Video Processors

The videophile madVR Labs Envy Extreme & Pro MK2 processors deliver significant upgrades in GPU power, system components, cooling system, plus new backlit remote and custom case.

Apr 13, 2023

Trinnov Audio Stages ‘Ultimate Immersive Audio Demo’ at CEDIA Expo

Built by Officina Acustica, the Trinnov 11.12.6 Dolby Atmos theater room features McIntosh, Sonus faber audio system with Barco, Kaleidescape, madVR Labs on video side.

Sep 29, 2022

StormAudio Certified for madVR Labs Envy Program

StormAudio has announced it has joined madVR Labs’ Certified for Envy program in the AVR/AVP category as an initial Certified Partner. The Certified for Envy program ensures that audio/video products meet the highest quality standards for video exc

Sep 27, 2022

MadVR Labs Introduces Envy Program

madVR Labs, LLC has announced the immediate availability of its Certified for Envy program, along with its initial Certified Partners, Acurus (Gold Certified), StormAudio (Platinum Certified), and Trinnov Audio (Platinum Certified), in the

Sep 23, 2022

Product Briefs MadVR Labs

MadVR Envy Announces NLS+ Stretch Option

The high-performance video processing company madVR has announced its new non-linear stretch (NLS+) feature that is now available in the latest Envy builds for both the Pro and Extreme models. MadVR explains that Non-linear stretch is used to fill 

Sep 28, 2021