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MadVR Envy Announces NLS+ Stretch Option

The high-performance video processing company madVR has announced its new non-linear stretch (NLS+) feature that is now available in the latest Envy builds for both the Pro and Extreme models. MadVR explains that Non-linear stretch is used to fill 

Sep 28, 2021

MadVR Labs Explains Why Video Processing Is More Needed Than Ever

4K, 8K and HDR10 are making the presence of external processors like madVR Labs’ Envy important for high-quality viewing experiences.

Jun 22, 2021

MadVR Labs Video Processors Help Complete Home Theaters

MadVR Labs’ line of video processors utilize a number of proprietary technologies and algorithms to improve HDR performance, while minimizing noisy images.

May 03, 2021