Google to Owe Sonos $32.5M in Patent Infringement Damages

Jurors find Google responsible for compensation for more than 14.1 million infringing units sold during the specified time period.

Jun 01, 2023

FTC Accuses Ring of Illegal Surveillance; Proposes $5.8M in Refunds

Federal Trade Commission says Ring illegally surveilled customers and did not do enough to prevent hacking. Proposes $5.8 in consumer refunds.

Jun 01, 2023

Employee On-the-Job Marijuana Usage Reaches 25 Year Highs

7.3% of employees injured on-the-job were high on marijuana at the time, a 25-year high, while 4.6% of workers are commonly high.

May 19, 2023

What Does Biden’s Emerging Technology National Standard Strategy Mean for Smart Homes?

And where do you stand on greater government intervention in areas such as smart home development?

May 18, 2023

Brink’s Home Security Parent Monitronics Files for Bankruptcy…Again

Monitronics Int'l files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for approximately $500 million in debt. It's the company's second restructuring since 2019.

May 15, 2023

It’s 4/20 Day: Should Employees Be Tested for Marijuana Any Longer?

Pot is legal and CBD products can produce positive results without impairment, so what should integrators do about marijuana testing?

Apr 20, 2023