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Sonos One Review: Sonos Sound Gets Even Better with Alexa Built-In

Sonos One is Play:1 with voice, Amazon Alexa with better sound, and Apple HomePod with a more pervasive voice assistant.

Chelsea Cafiero · October 18, 2017

Amazon’s Decision on ZigBee vs. Z-Wave Makes No Sense

Julie Jacobson and Avi Rosenthal wonder why Amazon chose ZigBee for Echo Plus home-automation hub, when Z-Wave is more interoperable, secure, supportable, and ubiquitous.

Julie Jacobson · October 17, 2017

3 Big Trends in Security & Home Automation

The security and home-automation industries grapple with new technologies and business models today and in the near future — insurtech, closed vs. open ecosystems, and cloud vs. local integration, to name a few.

Julie Jacobson · October 16, 2017

Amazon’s New Custom Smart-Home Service: Who Cares if They’re ‘Sincere’?

Countering the Amazon-bashing, Julie Jacobson says new CEDIA program may or may not work, but don’t dismiss it just because Amazon might change its smart-home strategy in the future.

Julie Jacobson · October 16, 2017

CEDIA Dealers Shouldn’t Trust Amazon as Smart-Home Partner, Says Industry Veteran

Smart-home pros would be ‘foolhardy’ to trust Amazon’s intentions in launching ‘Custom Home Services’ for CEDIA-certified installers.

Chuck Schneider · October 13, 2017

Sonos One with Alexa and Google Assistant, Plus ‘More Open’ API

New Sonos One speaker becomes home-automation hub with six-mic array and Alexa voice control; Google Assistant comes in 2018. Plus, a more “open” API?

Julie Jacobson · October 04, 2017

Key Home Automation Takeaways from Amazon Echo Plus & New Alexa Services

Amazon’s new home-automation play includes ZigBee-enabled Echo Plus (not Z-Wave?) and Alexa services such as Routines, enabling macros to be activated by voice control or time and day.

Julie Jacobson · September 29, 2017

Kohl’s Puts Amazon Smart-Home Hardware, Staff in Stores Ahead of Holiday Season

Kohl’s customers in 10 stores across Los Angeles and Chicago will have a chance to test out and purchase Amazon Echo, Dot and Fire devices — and sign up for Amazon Smart Home Services for in-home consultations.

Chelsea Cafiero · September 13, 2017

Cheap Echo Dot Meets Premium Multiroom Audio: The Genius of Origin Acoustics’ Valet Amp

Debuting at CEDIA 2017, Valet Amp from Origin Acoustics delivers premium whole-house audio, Alexa voice control, and a host of Amazon services with about $200 worth of Echo Dots.

Julie Jacobson · August 30, 2017

10,000 Control4 Systems Use Amazon Alexa Daily

Control4 data supports the notion that Amazon Alexa voice control does not hurt, but in fact supports custom installation of smart home control systems.

Jason Knott · August 07, 2017