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Top 3 Reasons to Choose ESA’s National Training School (NTS)

Training your team is imperative to success. Partner with the best provider!

Attention CE Pros interested in security industry training! The Electronic Security Association's National Training School (NTS) is the leading provider of classroom, online courses and certifications for the evolving electronic security and life safety industry. Here are the top 3 reasons to choose NTS:

1.    Comprehensive

  • Instructors
    • NTS has a pool of 85 Certified Instructors that teach and act as subject matter experts.  These instructors have combined several hundred years of field-experience and have expertise in a variety of areas. Our courses are developed by subject matter experts and comply with codes and standards.
  • Manuals
    • Every ESA course comes with an in-depth course manual that can be used by technicians in the field. 

2.    Effective

  • Certifications
    • ESA believes that training should not just happen once and never be revisited again.  With codes and standards on a continuous improvement cycle, the fast track of new technology developments and advancements in life safety techniques, technicians need to be continuously learning. Therefore our education model is built upon certifications that need to be maintained by taking required continuing education courses that lead to industry recognized certifications.
  • State Approval Status
    • Throughout our thirty years of existence NTS courses have been recognized by state licensing agencies that require training to attain an electronic security technician’s license. In many states we have set the standard of license training.  The association is asked to provide guidance to regulatory agencies on a regular basis. 
  • Computer Based Testing
    • Many of our training providers are using computer based exams which means students use a Wi-Fi enabled device to take their proctored exam and get results immediately upon submission of the exam.  For those that take a paper based exam, we send out an email to the student letting them know they can login to our learning portal and see their results and even print a copy of their course completion certificate.

3.    Available:

  • Instructor Led Courses
    • Everybody has different learning styles and that means online learning may not be as beneficial to some.  Our instructor led courses can help assure that a variety of delivery methods are used to ensure all learning styles are accommodated.   In addition, technicians that are new to the industry may have better success rates in training by having a live instructor teach the course.  The instructor is there to deliver the curriculum, show best installation practices, provide assistance with tricky electrical formulas, and listen and respond to questions regarding concepts not fully grasped.
  • Private Courses
    • The needs of each company are unique.  To help support those unique needs ESA’s training providers will bring training to the company and customize it to fit their needs.  This could include hosting the training at their site, adding content based on the company’s installation protocols, or custom schedules to fit the company’s needs.
  • Online Courses
    • Travel is expensive and so is time out of the field.  For that reason ESA offers online delivery for almost all of our courses.  These courses allow individuals to learn at their own pace, use a schedule that fits their busy lifestyle, and to access the course materials at a location that is convenient for them.

Visit www.ESAweb.org/NTS for more information!