Takeover & Upgrade Millions of Alarm Systems

Cellular Communications & Smart Connected Home Services for New RMR

There are literally millions of alarm systems across North America, installed for decades now – all currently in need of updated secure communications and in need of adding updated (dealer lucrative) consumer-relevant services, something interactive, App-based and a more fully featured IoT orientation, such as some smart device control.  Today’s dealers need to keep up with the industry trend, verses being lost to cable and phone companies offering the more slick service packages along with security, backed by multi-million dollar media spends.

StarLink Connect® Universal Communicator with Integrated Connected Home Hub provides this ability to dealers at an affordable price, with the easy installation of a 5-in-1 unit. It enables dealers to easily add smart connected home services to the millions of alarm systems out there, and provide accounts affordable smart device-controlled interactive services and text & video notifications, at a fraction of the cost of others, i.e., Alarm.com®, etc.  With just one unit and 15-minutes, upgrade top existing alarm system brands, Honeywell®, ADT®, DSC® & Napco, with full bus data and up/downloading, to cellular &/or IP communications plus RMR-producing remote consumer services. At just $49.95net after trade-up incentive, StarLink Connect offers a full virtual keypad App that mirrors a keypad on the wall, smart SMS/MMS notifications and Z-Wave device control for lights, locks, temperature, appliances via scenes & schedules. Auto-Cloud backup and remote no-roll service calls from the App, too.

The dual path radio at the heart of the StarLink unit, reports to any central station a dealer chooses, and does so via the best cyber-protected, multi-billion dollar networks available, offering dealers the freedom to choose AT&T or Verizon Network Certified models.

For more on StarLink Communications Solutions, visit www.napcosecurity.com/starlink, or call 1.800.645.9445 or visit iBridge at CEDIA Booth 2308.