August Home Doorbell Cam Pro Sees Who’s at the Door, Even at Night

August Home is shipping its Doorbell Cam Pro. Integrated floodlights help users view their doorway entrances even at night, and HindSight captures video before events occur.


August Home's new August Doorbell Cam Pro answers the question, “Who can it be now?” The fully-featured smart-home doorbell cam provides state-of-the-art security options that enable homeowners to see and speak with visitors even when no one is home. 

“With the Doorbell Cam Pro we've added powerful new features that let consumers control and monitor their door from anywhere. Whether they are having packages delivered safely inside their home or using the Doorbell Cam Pro as a security device,” says Jason Johnson, CEO, August Home. “With its integrated floodlight, the Doorbell Cam Pro now delivers crisp, full-color HD video at night, rather than blurry grayscale video so you can truly see what's happening at your door. And our HindSight feature ensures you are capturing a complete video so you don't miss a moment.”

August Home says, through its new HindSight option, homeowners can capture video before people approach. The benefit of its HindSight feature is that it captures entire events rather than partial events such as someone walking away from the door. 

August further supports the functionality of the Doorbell Pro with its August Video Recording option. Through this program homeowners can subscribe to the service for $5 per month or 50 per year and replay, download and share recordings from the interface of its companion August app. 

Some of the Doorbell Pro's other features include motion detection that triggers alerts whenever something happens at the door, and two-way audio support for audio/video interactions with visitors. 

A built-in Bluetooth low-energy bridge (BLE) Wi-Fi bridge allows users to safely lock and unlock their doors to let visitors into their homes remotely. 

The Doorbell Cam Pro also includes a USB dock that helps to facilitate installation prior to the actual mounting of the product, which can be used to replace existing doorbells or used in new residences.  

The August Doorbell Cam Pro carries a price of $199, and the company supports the product with its optional August Video Recording for $5 per month or 50 per year.