ADT Acquires Video Alarm Verification System I-View Now

ADT is piloting I-View Now’s technology in several markets to reduce false alarms and optimize emergency response.

Rodney Bosch
ADT Acquires Video Alarm Verification System I-View Now

Leveraging I-View Now technology adds video, location, sound, sensor, user, and activity data during alarm emergencies.

ADT (NYSE: ADT) has announced the acquisition of I-View Now, a leading video alarm verification service, for undisclosed terms.

Founded by Larry Folsom, I-View Now’s verification technology, paired with the core monitoring strengths of ADT, will help reduce false alarms and optimize priority response from emergency services, the announcement states.

“ADT is a purpose-driven company. We believe everyone deserves to feel safe, which means we are always looking for opportunities to invest in new technologies that keep us at the forefront of security innovation,” says Jim DeVries, president and CEO of ADT.

With I-View Now, public safety answering points (PSAPs), like 911 dispatchers, will be able to better confirm whether an alarm is a true emergency by leveraging technology.

Video, location, sound, sensor, user, and activity data can now be combined with predictive analytics to provide a comprehensive dashboard of information about what is taking place during an alarm.

More Info for Better Decision-Making in Alarm Emergencies

This critical information allows customers, ADT and first responders to make better decisions quickly, helping protect lives and property. If a customer is not available to confirm the emergency, they can choose to allow ADT access to additional available data, such as video feeds, from within the property to assess the situation remotely.

This enables the company to append an accurate priority signal to the alarm, which first responders can use to determine response time.

“Helping to ensure customers’ safety is our top priority for ADT, and by integrating I-View Now technology into our current protocols, we can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our extensive network of ADT owned and operated monitoring centers and help first responders focus on real emergencies,” says Donald Young, CIO and executive vice president of field operations.

“I-View Now will function independently under the ADT umbrella, helping to provide both companies’ current and future customers with the best experience possible.”

Folsom says, “Teaming up with ADT will allow our proprietary technology to reach its full potential and provide better information to first responders. ADT is our ideal partner to help scale up, and together we will help to save more lives.”

ADT’s use of I-View Now’s technology is currently in a pilot program in select markets and will be available to current and future ADT customers later this year. Folsom will report to Young and continue to lead I-View Now, supporting existing and new customers.