Kwikset, Building Homes for Heroes Celebrate Partnership Anniversary

Smart lock maker Kwikset has helped Building Homes for Heroes for 7 years in its charitable efforts to make military veterans’ home lives easier.


Kwikset, a leading residential lock manufacturer, reached the seven-year mark in December of its partnership with Building Homes for Heroes (BHH), supplying a range of smart locks and associated door hardware to help simplify the lives of veterans – especially those whose combat injuries make even entering and exiting their homes a difficult chore.

Recently, the two organizations held a Zoom call to celebrate this milestone and, more importantly, to allow Kwikset personnel to hear some of the more recent veterans’ stories “in person.”

The call included several members of Kwikset management, as well as employees who fulfill the product requests for each home, as BHH provides mortgage-free homes for injured war veterans. Attending from BHH were Kim Valdyke, director of construction; former U.S. Air Force Captain Nathan Nelson; and Navy Hospital Corpsman Second Class Isaac Francois.

Members of both Kwikset and BHH recounted the origin of the relationship and commended all involved for making it so successful, and the veterans shared their riveting stories.

Gratitude on Both Sides Shared by Kwikset, BHH Reps

The participants talked passionately about how BHH had helped them to resume a normal life with their families and allowed them to become highly involved members of their respective communities. They also thanked Kwikset for their contributions and explained how the smart, connected locks have made such a difference in their lives.

“We know our locks, especially our electronic locks, provide a high level of security and convenience. But sometimes, we take for granted the extra importance that those benefits take on for someone who may be differently abled,” said Erik Glassen, senior brand manager for Kwikset.

“But whenever we can hear about the improved accessibility that our products have brought to these veterans’ lives – no matter how small the improvement might be – it means a lot to me individually and to all of us at Kwikset.”

Kwikset delivers a wide range of electronic locks to the BHH homes. Some are ultimately connected to a home automation system for total home control. Others are standalone products that simply provide quick, easy access to the home through either a touchscreen or keypad, the company explains.

But in all cases, they fill a need that makes veterans’ lives a little bit easier.

“Kwikset has been an invaluable and dedicated partner that gets us our products on time and makes sure they get exactly where they need to be,” added James Rogers, director of development for BHH. “The relationship has been seamless, and we are looking forward to continuing this relationship far into the future.”