Integrator ‘Masters’ Nationwide Topgolf Deployment

Diem Digital installs SAVI Controls and more than 10,000 LG Commercial displays in large-scale commercial project for Topgolf facilities.

Integrator ‘Masters’ Nationwide Topgolf Deployment

Topgolf has 50 locations worldwide used as entertainment venues with interactive LG displays using SAVI Controls installed by Diem Digital of Carrollton, Texas.

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It’s one thing to be a Masters golf champion, but integrator Diem Digital has certainly earned the right to be called one of the masters of commercial projects. The Carrollton, Texas-based company took on commercial project that covers 50 locations and 10,000 displays deploying a control and AV solution for Topgolf using equipment from SAVI Controls and LG Business Solutions.

Topgolf Entertainment Group hosts 20 million guests annually to its 60 venues around the world that feature technology, entertainment, food and beverage. These venues feature high-tech gaming, climate-controlled hitting bays, a chef-driven menu, hand-crafted cocktails, music, corporate and social event spaces, and more. The company was seeking to transition from its consumer-grade TVs to a technology solution using commercial-grade equipment in its multi-level complexes.

Diem Digital, which has been working with Topgolf for a decade, used the SAVI Canvas software solution from SAVI Controls to run on the LG webOS Signage platform, an operating system that is embedded across its smart commercial displays. To date, Diem Digital has now installed more than 10,000 LG webOS displays in more than 50 Topgolf venues worldwide.

The goal of the new system was to create a customizable display solution with a longer shelf life and an exceptional warranty. Upgrading from consumer TVs to industry-leading displays and software would solve the end-of-life problem and improve the longevity of the units themselves. Additionally, expenditure on replacement units would decrease and reliability would increase while guests enjoy a real-time, dynamic visual solution.

The system enables Topgolf to control, manage and deliver content to displays at each venue – all over a single network cable. This provided the required nucleus to build a one-of-a-kind solution with a significant amount of flexibility for Topgolf. This solution also met Topgolf’s need for a tri-pane display feature that can simultaneously show DirecTV programming, digital signage content and the Topgolf game on a single portrait display.

“On the front end, the user interface provides great options; for instance, a manager can use SAVI’s ‘facility view’ to quickly and easily control all the different displays throughout the venue,” says Byron Baird, vice president, Sales, SAVI Controls.

Peter Kim, technical product manager at LG Business Solutions USA, likens WebOS to “having a miniature PC or media player built in to the display.”

LG Tripane Solution Displays Topgolf Interface

The LG hybrid outdoor displays were chosen for their reliability and picture quality.

LG’s hybrid outdoor displays were specifically selected for their reliability, picture quality and customizability. SAVI developed new custom mounts and enclosures which LG certified for warranty purposes, providing Topgolf improved ongoing service and support for the display hardware. Topgolf now has the flexibility to display broadcast programs, Topgolf TV, marketing messaging, and custom content from its gaming systems, including Toptracer, within the tri-pane solution. All of which further elevates the guest experience.

“LG is the best partner we’ve ever had,” said Derek Wilson, president, Diem Digital. “We’ve worked with many different companies, but until now have never had someone by our side who truly works with us as a team member to pull off everything you see at the Topgolf venue. It’s cutting-edge technology that nobody can touch.”

The results have been positive, with remote display management, reduced the failure rate and lower replacement labor overhead of previous consumer displays. The project is certainly worthy of a Masters golf champion, but can it help me correct my slice?