$18M Las Vegas Doomsday Wellness Bunker Is Mind-Blowing

Underground 15,000-square-foot doomsday wellness bunker is hidden below a non-descript home and includes incredible human-centric lighting.

$18M Las Vegas Doomsday Wellness Bunker Is Mind-Blowing

The home's lighting mimics dawn, dusk, day and night, but it is not automated or tied to an astronomic clock. Each lighting fixture holds banks of different colored fluorescent bulbs.

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Be prepared to have your mind blown. Just a stone’s throw from Las Vegas is one of the most amazing wellness experiences imaginable. For integrators wondering how far they can push the envelope in creating a biophilia experience for their clients, this doomsday wellness bunker in Las Vegas might be a blueprint, albeit with 40-year-old technology.

The 1.05-acre lot near the famous Las Vegas Strip houses a 5,000-square-foot home built in 1978, according to a posting on Redfin. The home, which has been for sale for nearly two years at a price of $18 million, has five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

But the above-ground home is the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, because underground spread across the entire property is a 15,000-square-foot subterranean concrete and steel rectangular-shaped doomsday wellness bunker outfitted with a mesmerizing array of lighting control.

The real estate listing for the home and the doomsday wellness bunker notes:

“The fortified underground doomsday bunker has been disguised to give the occupants the feel of being on an estate in several lush mountainous and lush areas around the world. Pictures do not convey the vast spaciousness one feels as they step off the elevator, just like one cannot feel the Grand Canyon by seeing it in pictures.”  

The doomsday wellness bunker includes pool, spa, waterfall, trees, guest house, barbecue fountain and 500-linear feet of floor-to-ceiling illuminated murals. The murals are of various landscape scenes such as a farm, the seashore, and wildlife.

Wellness Lighting… from 1978

What better way to experience the value and benefits of human-centric/circadian rhythm lighting than in an underground home where there is no access at all to natural light. The lighting is designed to mimic the time of day, with the various landscapes illuminated simulated day, dusk, dawn and night modes.

In one particular mural, the night modes are unusually interesting because the lighting actually reflects in a way as to illuminate the homes on the seashore to emulate the interior lights of the home.  

Las Vegas listing agent, Stephan M-Laforge of BHHS Nevada Properties, tells CE Pro that the lighting system is not automated and is old fluorescent light bulb technology. Indeed, Laforge says the lighting dates back to 1978 when the property was built.

The wellness lighting is not programmed at all, so it does not change automatically with the time of day. In order to change from day to night to dawn to dusk, the user has to physically flip the lights switches on multiple banks of fixtures, each one containing four separate colored fluorescent tube bulbs.

All furnishings and one year of caretaker and upkeep are included in the price. All photos are credited to the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors.

Just imagine what this might look like with a 21st-century upgrade with lighting control and fixtures!

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