LuxePort — The Next Level of iPad Charging and Mounting

LuxePort by iPort is the ultimate expression of refined aesthetics for use of an iPad as a controller from fully automated homes all the way to simple smart lights and locks. Hold, Charge and Protect iPad in refined aesthetics with LuxePort.

In the growing world of the connected home, iPad has become the industry choice for controlling systems ranging from full home automation to simple IoT devices. iPort designed LuxePort to look like it belongs in spaces it is installed, to provide holding and charging of iPad with a refined aesthetic and allow for easy and flexible installation. The LuxePort system consists of a Case and Stations for charging on a table-top or wall. LuxePort allows iPad to blend into high-end residences and offices with precision machined components that are finished by hand. With premium features like a security locking system that allows for total lockdown of Case and BaseStation to a table or wall, LuxePort performs in even the most demanding commercial environments.

The Case

The sleek and lightweight LuxePort Case is made of precision machined aluminum. Access to all of iPad's key functions remains accessible. Security locks on the Case allow for securing the two halves together preventing remove of the iPad from the Case.

The BaseStation

Mount and charge iPad in either portrait or landscape orientations. The BaseStation has an articulating hinge so iPad can be viewed at virtually any angle. Secure the Case to the BaseStation by merely turning the security lock on the back of the BaseStation. LuxePort BaseStation comes with a 12W USB Power supply and USB-C cable to power the BaseStation. Available USB Module plugs into the back of the BaseStation for charging two additional phones from the same BaseStation.

The WallStation

The WallStation’s minimalistic design allows it to blend into any room easily. With its small three-inch square footprint, the WallStation doesn't detract from the design of the space. Use the LuxePort WallStation to power iPad via PoE or 24V.