Proficient Protege Subwoofers

The perfect sub for state-of-the-art home theaters.

Want to add a new dimension to your home theaters? Try the powerful new Proficient Protege subwoofers.

Every one of these new subs has a powerful Class D digital amp and a tough composite-cone woofer. Plus a down-firing passive radiator that really brings out the ultra-deep notes in your favorite music and movies. The improvement is stunning, more than 10 decibels of extra power in the low notes.

The Proficient Protege line includes 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch models.

FS12 Proficient Protege Subwoofer
The FS12 is built to blow you away. It’s the best, most powerful free-standing subwoofer we’ve ever made, with a 300-watt RMS Class D digital amplifier, a seriously beefed-up 12-inch composite cone woofer and a 12-inch passive radiator to beef up the low bass notes. It’s the perfect sub for state-of-the-art home theaters.

Learn more about the protege line at Proficient Audio.