Wilson Electronics Collaborates with ED2 on 5Gmm Wave Technologies

Wilson Electronics, a manufacturer of cellular signal amplifier technology, has announced a collaboration with the 5G mmWave technology company ED2 Corporation.

ED2’s expertise will round out Wilson Electronics’ 5G technology offerings, supporting the addition of a 5G highband and future midband solution for both indoor and outdoor coverage. 

“Our category of products is a core component to cellular networks as they evolve to 5G and beyond,” says Bruce Lancaster, CEO of Wilson Electronics.

“5G offers a number of amazing benefits, but due to its struggles to penetrate buildings and other obstacles, cellular amplification technology is needed to make it accessible to all. We’re excited to work with ED2, which brings decades of relevant technology and engineering experience and will help us meet the unique needs of 5G and support cellular carriers as they strive to make 5G coverage ubiquitous.”

Based in Tucson, Arizona, ED2 is an emerging technology company with a strong technical team building 5G mmWave products and solving engineering challenges. As the commercial cellular industry moves to higher frequencies in search of more spectrum and higher performance, the team’s capabilities are a perfect match for the industry’s needs. One of their repeaters, which is recently FCC-certified under Industrial Part 20 rules, is currently being trialed by mobile network operators across the globe.

“This collaboration is exactly what we were looking for as we considered going to market,” states Sergio Cardona, CEO of ED2.

“ED2 has been focused on developing disruptive technology, so Wilson Electronics brings a fantastic operation, customer access and a reputation within the ecosystem that would take us years and millions of dollars to develop. From the first phone call with them, we had a great feeling, and we’re very excited to address the market with them.”

“In 5G mmWave networks, repeaters will play a prominent role,” adds Joe Madden, chief analyst at Mobile Experts.

“The huge bandwidth of mmWave links will be critical to the future, and repeater products will be a cost-effective way to spread the capacity to the right locations. The collaboration between Wilson Electronics and ED2 will be helpful in facilitating the development and deployment of these specialized products to support the shift to 5G coverage.”

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