Vantage EasyTouch Glass Keypads Now Available

Legrand Vantage EasyTouch Glass

Legrand’s Building Control Systems (BCS) division has announced that the Vantage EasyTouch Glass modular keypad station is now available.

The latest keypad combines powerful functionality with a sleek, contemporary design and color options that can be matched with other Legrand products for a consistent look throughout today’s smart homes, the company explains.

EasyTouch Glass offers a highly reflective, mirrored look with a smooth-touch tactile surface for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

The keypad is available with up to five programmable buttons for different scenes — such as “Welcome,” “Away” or “Party” — allowing users to set the lighting in a space with one touch.

With this release EasyTouch Glass becomes the pre-programmed default keypad station within Vantage’s Design Center software — for standard lighting scenes and pre-configured, human-centric “Lighting for Life” scenes.

The keypad’s button matrix is also the same as wired or wireless wallbox dimmers, allowing integrators to select the best technology for their application while maintaining a consistent aesthetic, the company notes.

The keypad can be completely personalized by homeowners, designers, and integrators by mixing or matching colors for trims, buttons, and faceplates, while an inner-surface ink layering process ensures consistent color definition and reflectivity.

Buttons are laser-engraved in a TrueType font — now 15% larger, standard — with the letters illuminated by adjustable RGB backlighting in the user’s color of choice. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the backlighting based on the time of day, and users can easily determine which scenes are active based on the button’s color or intensity.

While other solutions separate load and scene functionality into different devices, EasyTouch Glass combines both into a single station, allowing installers to reduce the number of keypads on the walls for a cleaner look.

The keypad is easily designed and programmed through Vantage‘s Design Center software, according to the company. Ideal for use as both a stand-alone keypad and in combination with Vantage’s Equinox touchscreens, as well as with wireless applications, the device is simple to install in 1- to 4-gang electrical boxes.

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