Trinnov Backs Altitude32 with 5-Year Warranty

Trinnov Audio, a manufacturer of audio processors for home theaters, high-end hi-fi, professional audio and commercial cinemas, has announced a 5-Year Warranty Extension Program for its flagship processor Altitude32.

This program includes a refurbishment of the Altitude at a Trinnov facility and extends the product’s warranty for an additional five years.
5-Year Warranty Extension Program.

In 2018, Trinnov updated its warranty policy for its entire product line by extending the Warranty period from three to five years, retroactively. 

Now, with the first Altitude32 processors leaving their warranty period the Warranty Extension Program is available to all Altitude32 owners that have owned their processor for more than 5 years. Through this program, Trinnov further reaffirms its commitment to its customers and the future in terms of the ongoing, proactive development of the Altitude platform. 

The program consists of an additional 5-year warranty that begins on the date the owner purchases the program. At a Trinnov facility, the Altitude receives a complete check up and refresh, including full inspection and thorough testing. If necessary, internal hardware is replaced to restore the unit to new condition. Customers will be able to enter the program from 04/01/2021. Further details about the program, including pricing and return procedure, will be made available through the local Trinnov distributor.

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