Studio Six Digital Updates Surround Generator App with Atmos

Studio Six Digital has announced that it is now offering a Dolby Atmos test tone option.

According to the company, it has added full support for testing Dolby Atmos 9.1.6 audio systems via its Apple TV Surround Generator App.

The Dolby Atmos test tones from Studio Six Digital provides test tones for systems up to 9.1.6 channels, and the company states the app can be used to calibrate using these features:

  • Setting up an Atmos system
  • Verifying a system setup
  • Checking speaker assignments
  • Discovering how theater processors handle missing speakers or unassigned channels

Studio Six Digital adds to use the Apple TV Remote to navigate around the screen, select a speaker, and click to start the signal playing. The icon will glow and the name of the selected channel will appear on the screen.

To get the app and the Atmos package, navigate to the App Store on your Apple TV, and search for “Surround Generator”. You will see the yellow app image with the surround speakers. Click to download, then open the app and point to “Dolby Atmos”. The in-app purchase process will begin, and you may need to enter your password.

For reference, the normal U.S. App price is $24.99, and the normal U.S. Atmos package add-on price is $99.99. Prices vary in other countries according to Apple exchange rates.

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