Sonos Announces Ability to Integrate Second Sub

Sonos second Sub

Sonos is now enabling dealers to add a second subwoofer to its home theater systems.

Sonos has announced that professional integrators can now add a second Sub to their home theater setups when the subwoofers are paired with an Arc, Beam, Playbar, Playbase soundbar or its Amp product.

According to the popular audio company, the ability to add a second sub has been a frequently requested feature by its professional installation partners. Having a second subwoofer Sonos explains adds more low frequencies for users that want more bass in their systems, and Sonos underscores the option serves as a nice upgrade for larger home theater rooms to better immerse listeners in sound.

Sonos also points out that when the TV is off the music and anything that someone would stream will benefit of the added bass of a second subwoofer.

Sonos comments the capability to add a second Sub is available in its Sonos S2 app for home theater setups. Sonos emphasizes that one of the subwoofers in the setup will need to be a Sub (Gen 3), which provides the added processing power to host a second sub. This software update will roll out in app stores on December 8.

Sonos adds that integrators will need to make sure their clients have the latest version of its S2 app to unlock this feature.

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