Smart Sleep Company Bryte Receives $24 Million in Funding

Bryte, a manufacturer of AI-powered restorative sleep technology, has announced $24 million in Series A funding led by ARCHina Capital.

The smart-sleep company has also added ARCHina’s Co-Founder Amy Huang to the board. Huang is best known for investments in Luminar (LAZR), the platform leading the autonomous vehicle industry, and Carbon, the 3D printing platform transforming the smart manufacturing industry.  Additional investors include John Warnock, co-founder of Adobe and Dave Mooring, former President of Rambus.

Bryte, best known for its robotics-powered bed, recently launched its platform to license its patented restorative sleep technology as a turnkey solution to accelerate widespread adoption across mattress manufacturers at scale. Bryte is now engaged with multiple global mattress manufacturers, and funding will go towards R&D and expansion across markets and price points.  

“We believe that the Bryte platform will accelerate the restorative sleep tech revolution for the entire $432 billion sleep industry, much as Luminar is accelerating autonomous driving adoption across automakers and Carbon is accelerating mass customization in the manufacturing industry,” says Huang. 

“Bryte is poised to become the Android of sleep.”

The Bryte team, led by CEO Ely Tsern PhD, is comprised of leaders in licensing, AI, software, robotics, and sleep science.  Its sleep advisory board includes doctors from Stanford University and is led by Bryte’s Lead Sleep Science Advisor, Dr. Matthew Walker, Founder and Director of the UC Berkeley Center for Human Sleep Science, and best-selling author of “Why We Sleep.” 

According to Bryte, its in-bed technology measures, learns, tests, and applies what each sleeper needs to optimize their restorative sleep through real-time control of temperature, pressure points, and room environment. The success of Bryte’s flagship product—The Restorative Bed demonstrates the capability of the platform to improve restorative sleep by increasing total sleep time, improving sleep efficiency (reducing night-time wake events) and optimizing the balance of Light, Deep and REM sleep for each individual sleeper. 

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