Savant adds Spanish & Chinese Languages to Pro App

Savant, a manufacturer smart home technologies, has unveiled Spanish and Simple Chinese localization as a new feature for its Pro App smart home user interface.

According to the Cape Cod-based company, integrators can now deliver an enhanced experience to clients featuring content in their native languages with the addition of the new languages.

Language localization is a feature available in the iOS version of the Savant Pro App, and is available to Savant Integrators worldwide, with additional language support planned for the second quarter of 2020.  Language localization enhances both the intuitiveness of the app navigation experience as well as user creation of Savant Scenes, timers and event notifications. 

“At Savant, we strive to deliver the most user-friendly, feature-rich and simply enjoyable smart home user experience available on the market,” said Andy Hamm, VP of Creative and lead designer of the company’s user experiences.

“In 2019, Savant further distinguished itself as a definitive leader in smart home innovation by unveiling groundbreaking new features for users such as integrated energy automation, Daylight Mode, an all-new on-screen control option called the Savant Home App for Apple TV, plus Siri integration with the Savant Pro Remote, a first step towards voice privacy with push to talk voice control capability. “We are certain that many of our users worldwide will appreciate a more intuitive and personalized experience thanks to language localization with the Savant Pro App, and we are excited to deliver this enhanced functionality to Savant users worldwide.”

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