Samsung SmartThings Announces SmartThings Build

Samsung SmartThings Build

Samsung SmartThings has announced a an IoT, smart home program for builders, realtors and property managers.

Samsung SmartThings, a technology enabling connected living and driving the future of IoT, has announced its “SmartThings Build” partnership solution designed to help builders, property management companies, and real estate developers create and manage connected living experiences across properties and homes at scale.

Announced at the Samsung Developer Conference, SmartThings Build is designed as a one-stop option for builders to meet the shifting preferences of today’s residents and homeowners who value efficiency, speed, and integration across devices. 

According to a recent survey from SmartThings, people are increasingly looking for homes and apartment buildings with connected technology. Almost 75 percent of those surveyed reported that smart home capabilities are an important feature when looking for a place to live, with respondents citing smart cameras, smart lights, and smart appliances as the most important connected devices. 

“The living experience has changed significantly since the pandemic, with people cooking more meals at home, turning bedrooms into home offices, and spending increased time using home electronics,” comments Chanwoo Park, corporate vice president and head of IoT business group at Samsung Electronics.  

“As a result, technology has become an integral aspect of everyday life. By incorporating SmartThings technology directly into new homes and developments, builders can offer residents the home technology they are seeking, while also remaining competitive in today’s ever-changing landscape.”

While SmartThings continues to evolve and enhance its open ecosystem for consumers, it has been doubling down on expanding its offerings to work with partners to seamlessly integrate technology into existing systems and services. Current partners within SmartThings Build range from developers to system management companies, including Entrata, iQuue, Aeotec, CommScope RUCKUS, Project Etopia, Picerne, Greystar, JM, ViewHomes, VolkerWessels, and more.

According to the company, SmartThings increases efficiency and lowers operational costs for builders by removing the barriers that residents often face when scheduling maintenance tasks with landlords or building supers. Through systems integrated with SmartThings: 

  • Alerts are automated for faster repairs and reduced appliance downtime. 
  • Property managers have streamlined access to appliance prevention maintenance and diagnostic tools within a single platform.
  • Smart appliance installation is streamlined via the SmartThings Installer application. 
  • Move in and out processes are simplified by allowing property managers to grant and revoke access to devices and appliances remotely, without needing to be on-site.
  • Maintenance tickets are automatically generated in the property management system, thereby increasing staff productivity.

“We want to ensure a seamless flow from prospect to resident and maintenance to property manager, since each of those experiences are really different,“ notes Chase Harrington, president and COO of Entrata, the multifamily industry’s most comprehensive technology provider.

“With Samsung SmartThings, not only can a resident control their washer, start their appliances remotely, and access their community, but the maintenance individual can also see the diagnostics. It happens in the background without the resident even knowing, providing an amazing customer experience.” 

SmartThings Build Increases Energy Efficiency

In addition to connected home experiences, next-generation residents and single family homeowners are increasingly demanding more eco-friendly products and putting greater emphasis on sustainability. Beyond providing a scalable, smart home platform, SmartThings Build helps streamline energy costs when combined with home appliances, helping users create healthier, more energy-efficient homes. Samsung SmartThings’ research finds that 61 percent of those surveyed shared that smart devices have helped save money on utilities each month. SmartThings technology the company asserts, can help homeowners monitor water consumption, assist with the right laundry cycles for optimal usage, electrical consumption, and more.

“Our work with SmartThings allows us to understand different moving parts in the home and how they can have a negative impact on the planet – whether it’s a leaky house and the door is left open or the heat is on too high,” states Joseph Daniels, CEO of Project Etopia, a U.K.-based smart building company and partner of Samsung SmartThings.

“Through our partnership with SmartThings, we allow users to understand how their energy works, making things simpler, smarter and more sustainable.”

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