Aladdin Connect Works with SmartThings

The Genie Company, has announce that Aladdin Connect smart garage door openers and retrofit kits are now “Works With SmartThings” certified and integrated within Samsung SmartThings, the premier technology enabling connected living.

SmartThings’ open platform brings more than 200 brands together to offer one of the most powerful, connected ecosystems, enhancing customer experiences in homes, cars, and garages for more than 63 million people.

Key benefits of Genie working with SmartThings, include: 

  • Multi-Platform Voice Control – Tell a smart speaker to open or close the garage door.  SmartThings works with all major voice platforms including Alexa, Google, and Samsung’s Bixby.
  • Geofencing –Set up a geo-tag to recognize entry to the driveway to automatically open the garage door, putting users in control of how they gain or grant access to their home.
  • Enhanced Safety –Program systems to open the garage door if smoke is detected on a smart smoke detector in the home, or open if CO levels reach a dangerous threshold.
  • Simplified Home Control – SmartThings works with more than 180 certified brands and can control via Android and iOS mobile apps, devices, TVs, and appliances.

“SmartThings is commited to working with partners to enhance our user experience and continue to make connected living a reality for all,” states Ralf Elias, global vice president IOT/ business development & partnerships at Samsung Electronics.

“We we thrilled to partner with Genie and expand our ecosystem to make the car-to-home and home-to-car experiences that much easier.”

Mike Kridel, president of The Genie Company, comments that his company looks forward to working with Samsung and its SmartThings team on the integration of its Aladdin product.

“Genie is excited to be part of the growing ecosystem of products on the SmartThings platform,” adds Kridel. 

“This integration enables geofencing and garage safety capabilities that create clear value for our customers.”

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