Resideo Technologies holds Virtual Premier Dealer Program

Resideo Technologies recently concluded its annual CONNECT event by holding its first Virtual Premier Dealer Program on Nov. 12.

The traditional multiple-day affair, typically hosted at getaway location resorts, was scaled back to an early afternoon affair of online networking, company updates and a motivational keynote from sales, branding and leadership expert and psychologist Connie Podesta. The legacy of this event dates back 31 years, when the group under Honeywell was known as the First Alert Authorized Dealer Program.

Scott Harkins, vice president of sales & channel, Amercas, for Resideo, kicked off the proceedings emphasizing how the industry has risen the myriad challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and continued to flourish. He also talked about the immense opportunity in the security smart home space, citing rising residential systems penetration, homeowners’ keen purchasing intentions and a diminished DIY threat.

“The market is doing great despite the pandemic,” states Harkins.

“Consumers want it done right and overwhelmingly continue to turn to their professional security dealer. You today are the smart home leaders. I think the back half of 2021 will be the great SMB recovery. Also be ready for the commercial market opportunity as the economy reopens. I am bullish that with an effective vaccine this market will strongly rebound.”

That optimism was consistent throughout the presentations, which also included Resideo vice president of global product management, security Alice DeBiasio, CEO Jay Geldmacher and premier security dealer program leader Quentin Gunther.

DeBiasio discussed a healthy growth projection for the industry at 4% annually through 2022, to $3.9 billion. She also focused on the launch of Resideo’s long-promised new ProSeries line of control panels that became available last month, and highlighted numerous advantageous product features along with the roadmap for additional model introductions.

“People look to the professionals when it comes to the safety of their families and loved ones,” comments DeBiasio.

“Security is at the forefront of consumers’ minds, especially in 2020.” DeBiasio also urged dealers to continue pushing customers to have their systems upgraded from 3G to 4G, with the sunset looming in February 2022. She also highlighted Resideo’s solutions and tools to help dealers navigate that transition.

Gunther closed out the Virtual Premier Dealer Program by summarizing several new support products and mechanisms now in place for Premier Dealer Program participants. Those include a new online portal, marketing materials and advisory groups.

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